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The Old Man: "You are kind of crass. Later."
Porky Pig: "Yeah, I guess he's right. Damn, but he's amazing."


Jerry: Loves himself a casino.
Ronnie: Snorts pills in the parking lot of a liquor store.
Jo: Shows up at Escalante's house. They make small talk, and then head off to do it. They are holding hands, in the hallway, which makes it kind of sweet even though he's a rampant asshole and she's... Clearly damaged in some way.
Ronnie: Screams in a quasi-racist way at the liquor store attendant. Not the best look for him.


Smith, rehearsing: "He gave me your number, uh... Your friend. Your friend with the stammer down here, yeah. Well, what I wanted to... Ah, jeez. Who would be calling you? Me. For any goddamn reason? Or nonsense? What are you afraid of, this? Or that? Because how big a goddamn fool they gonna let walk around without being in a goddamn straitjacket? Which... Is she doing all right? Is the sole question I'm asking you. That's... Supposed to keep an objective lookout, to what her situation is. And prospects for success up there. And stand up, and look to her interests. That... Yeah. Yeah."

The Old Man picks up the phone, finally. My God, he is magnificent. I wish this was a reality show about the Old Man and What He Is Up To all the time. Every part and every aspect.


Unfortunate Asian Guy: "I'm a jerk as usual!"
Jerry: "Some racist stuff."
Unfortunate Asian Guy: "I enjoy gentle ribbing and sometimes racist stuff."
Jerry: "Friendly banter."
Unfortunate Asian Guy: "Gambling is your disease!"
Jerry: "Essentially that is what's going on here."


As before, Gus sleeps in a chair at the foot of Ace's bed, and they both doze and just sort of free-associate about the events of the episode. To wit:

Ace: "Kid like that, the minute you look at, you wanna smack in the back of the head."
Gus: "Speaking of Nathan, what do you think, Ace? You think he's up to it or what?"
Ace: "The kid? Long as he don't know what he's up to."
Gus: "He seemed impressed by the million dollars for sure."
Ace: "I gotta call Joan Allen."
Gus: "The one that works with that foundation for nuns with AIDS who are burn victims?"

Ace: "What I liked about her is that she didn't even worry about Hotel Guy, trying to ramrod her off the elevator like that. Just kept yakkin'."
Gus: "Honestly I was more insulted by his air. Like he was just showing off to impress you with how officious or protective he could be."
Ace: "Yeah, so I'm going to call her tomorrow, remindzzz"

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