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Twitch: "We're buying a horse!"
Wheels: "In a stylized manner, I shall now evince skepticism."
Twitch: "Also, please make sure that Goose's feelings aren't hurt that we're going to hire Escalante to train the horse, even though he walked my ass through the whole procedure last week."
Wheels (Marcus?): "Who needs nouns or verbs or transitions of any kind when you've got commas? Twitch, you agree?"

Twitch, verbatim: "Jerry's position, Escalante having trained this horse previous that we now got eyes to buy, Escalante knows his ins, outs."
trans: "Jerry believes that Escalante's previous relationship with the particular horse we'll be buying would make him a better match than Goose. I cannot say that I disagree with him."

Twitch: "We're buying a horse!"
Hustler One (Lonnie?): "My head hurts where they beat the brains out of it."
Twitch: "And we're buying a horse!"


Everybody quiets down when Ace walks into his first boardroom.

Ace: "I'd like to thank my employees for their work while I've been away. Is it still a five percent position required for filing with the SEC?"
Interrupting Nathan Israel: "-- Anything over five percent, yessir."

Ace, silently: "And who is this ass-licking pipsqueak?"
Chairman, same: "He's the young fella that will have all our asses one day. We'll discuss him later. Trust."

Ace, without further: "As a presently passive participant in the operation of my company, I recommend the Board consider buying one share more than five percent interest in the holding company that owns the horse track over here at Santa Anita. And freeing up $50M cash for the purposes of that transaction."
Nathan Israel: "Bwuh?"

Chairman: "The Chair would make a motion to that effect."
(Seconded, voted, done, let's do lunch. Not getting it, Nathan Israel writes everything down.)

Nathan Israel: "What are our price parameters in the holding company purchase?"
Ace: "The purpose is to buy a percentage, inside a week, which forces filing with the SEC. What it costs you to get that done... Is your 'price parameters.' You baby puke."
(Business talk, which is kind of like horse talk only slightly more interesting.)
Nathan Israel: "So we're trying to draw attention?"
Everybody: "Yeah, obviously. We don't really talk about things at this company. We just kind of know what's going on."
Ace: Bounces. Disgustedly. Without a word.

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