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Nathan Israel: "Mr. Bernstein? You had me delivered here to play sick mind games?"
Ace: Keeps walking.

But he's not the only one who has been waiting: Joan Allen is clearly part of some other scheme, and she gets up suddenly and joins the group. A third guy, a hotel employee, escorts them all to the elevator.

Everybody: "Oh, Mr. Bernstein! Oh, you're so wonderful!"
Nathan Israel: "So you're just fucking with me now? Is that what's going on?"
Ace: (Nothing, no words.)

Just when Nathan Israel is about to speak up again, they're all like, "Oh, here comes Gus also," so they stand around waiting for Gus to get on the elevator, and Nathan Israel jumps on like, maybe Ace won't notice. So now it's the Hotel Guy, Joan Allen, Gus and Ace, and poor Nathan Israel. About halfway up, the Hotel Guy realizes that Joan Allen is playing some kind of scheme, and starts yelling at her, so she jumps at Ace.

Claire: "Mr. Bernstein I'm intruding on your privacy on behalf of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation which uses prison inmates to care for broken-down racehorses..."

...That is the saddest fucking thing I've ever heard.

Mr. Bernstein, I work for a foundation where mothers who've been blinded by landmines care for amputee retired greyhounds.
Mr. Bernstein, I work with a foundation for kids with leukemia who have been arrested and jailed by the RIAA.
Mr. Bernstein, I work at a foundation where people without hands or feet care for people born without faces on their heads.
Mr. Bernstein, I do work for a foundation that specializes in a rare disorder where sometimes when children are born they're just feet. Sometimes an ear's in there also, but mostly it's feet.

Anyway, Ace blows her off and then reconsiders, which not for nothing, but Joan Allen is a pretty hot piece. And he does need a girlfriend, he said.

Nathan Israel: "That must happen all the time! Please, please be my friend."
Ace: "...Gus, did you hear something? Aaaaanyway, how did it go with that thing we can't talk about in front of nerds and fags?"
Gus: "Oh, that awesome thing that is very interesting? It went good!"
Nathan Israel: "Oh my God, you guys, you have to tell me what you're talking about!"
Gus: "...Oh, I think I just heard that thing you were saying. I think it was just the wind."

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