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Moral of Story: Gus and Ace are a couple of middle school bitches. What seems like High-Intensity Psych Ops Mind Games to most men over forty is better known as Eighth Grade to the rest of us.


Has a scary dog! Of course.

Jerry: "Cowboy, I want to buy that horse you claimed last week."
Cowboy: "Sumbitch's legs have gone cold."
Jerry: "I don't... Is that like a metaphor or..."
Cowboy: "Bevvo? Sometimes I call drinks 'bevvos.' It's this new slang I invented."
Jerry: "Can I buy Mon Gateau for twenty?"
Cowboy: "More like forty."
Jerry: "Okay, how about thirty?"
Cowboy: "And I would stay trainer?"
Jerry: "Thirty for the horse. No? Okay, how about twenty-five, and then also I will buy this barbecue grill in your yard -- which: classy -- for an additional five thousand?"
Cowboy: "Twenty-five for the horse, seventy-five hundred for the barbecue grill."

I don't see what's so special about that grill! Does it contain ingots, perhaps, of gold? Krugerrands? Priceless collectible Long-Play record albums? Or just maybe this isn't really about the grill, but rather more about Cowboy's worth as a trainer. Maybe that's it.


Porky Pig & Ronnie: "[Incomprehensible jibber-jabber about horseracing. Possibly clueing us into whatever horse Ronnie will be riding when whatever bad thing happens, happens.]"


Ace: "...Why did I get locked up?"
Nathan Israel: "What were the charges, or why do I think they went after you?"
Ace: "Can't be straightforward? [To Gus.] More important to him you see he's intelligent. [Valid. Back to Nathan Israel.]"
Nathan Israel: "Four kilograms of cocaine, though?"
Ace: "I am super rich. It's not like I make my money working at McDonald's."
Nathan Israel: "Yeah, but not for selling narcotics either."

Ace explains how he was charged with possession, and how it was to protect his nephew who also was not at fault, and how instead of going through as a witness to another more dangerous prosecution he took the nickel. Somehow, Ace manages to make this seem like Nathan Israel's fault. From there, we move to the prelude for a long complaint about the bailout and how this also is Nathan Israel's fault.

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