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Without You

Robin thought it was nice and a good song choice. Thanks for nothing as usual, Robin. Jennifer says that she thought there was a little pitchiness but she loved Bridget's high notes. Kelly loved the song this week, and was impressed by Bridget's ability to go seamlessly into her head voice. I guess.

J Rome is the amateur to beat, since he's been on top every single week. He's singing "Without You" by Usher and David Guetta. J Rome opens it singing alone and he's got way too much vibrato in his voice. And then Jennifer comes in and she is really the worst dancer. She dances how I would imagine Kristen Wiig's Aunt Linda character from Saturday Night Live would dance. "Oh, brother!" I kind of wish J Rome could sing this without Jennifer. I don't need to hear or see her. She really is not appropriate for this song. J Rome sounds amazing though. His falsetto is better than Robin Thicke's. Yeah, I said it.

John says it was a professional performance, but it was one of his weaker vocal performances in the low range. Robin says something about Jennifer because he's useless as a judge. Kelly throws her shoe at J Rome because she hates him so much, because he's going to win. But she says that he was a little pitchy in the opening line but the rest was excellent.

And now people get to vote. I am interested to see how America reacts to these people. I hope Olivia gets the boot, because she is not good. The others have had off moments, but she is always off. The cool tone in her voice doesn't make up for being off key through ninety percent of her songs. I think John and J Rome will be fine, and Jason will probably do well this week, so it will probably be either Olivia or Bridget going home. We'll find out in a week.

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