Euphoria, Part I

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Staff Infection

Cameron tests the droppings in her decidedly ungiddy state.

House erases the Whiteboard, sure he's figured out the answer and is no longer in need of its services.

Cameron waits for the results.

House manages to balance his tennis ball on the cane, throw the ball against the wall, and then catch it on his cane again. That man is a maverick! I'll bet whoever has to share that wall with him hates him, though.

The results are in! Cameron frowns. She tries to call someone on her cell phone, but there's no signal, even though no one has ever had a problem getting reception down there before. She runs off.

Chase is back with Foreman. Foreman asks him whether Cameron has said anything about him about, oh say, forgiving the guy who tried to kill her because he's a selfish asshole. "What I did, I did to save my life," Foreman says, trying to defend his actions.

Cameron runs.

Joe's heart monitors beep. Chase goes to get suited up, but Foreman's already in there, so he starts to treat Joe. Cameron arrives, and announces that the Cryptococcus test was negative. Joe goes into V-fib. Foreman defibrillates him, while the members of the code team take their sweet-ass time suiting up. But it's not helping. Nothing is. Everyone who was getting suited up stops and starts taking the suits off. They've given up. Foreman hasn't. He desperately tries to keep Joe alive. Finally, House walks up and orders Foreman to announce the time of death. Foreman refuses. He does CPR. House calls the time of death instead. Finally, Foreman gives up. "To Be Continued..." the screen says, as Foreman stands there, looking really scared. It's too bad that FOX advertised the hell out of this two-night event. If I hadn't known that it would ultimately end with a "to be continued," that ending would have shocked the hell out of me.

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