Euphoria, Part I

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Staff Infection

Cameron sifts through Joe's apartment stuff with the help of all kinds of crazy safety measures that no one in this hospital ever implements until it's too late.

Chase, wearing a HAZMAT suit, tries to draw Foreman's blood. He isn't doing a very good job of it, so Foreman says he'll do it himself and grabs another needle, letting the first one fall out of his arm and onto the floor. While Foreman draws his own blood, he asks Chase for details on his case. Chase is reluctant to tell him anything after House's orders to treat Foreman like a patient and not a colleague, but eventually gives in to Foreman's demands, because Chase can't say no unless it's to a request for volunteers to go into an apartment that probably has a deadly disease hidden somewhere inside it. Self-preservation overrules wimpiness every time. Chase tells Foreman about the mushy spot in his brain, and Foreman decides that he has a staph infection. Chase says that that kind of infection would be accompanied by a fever, and Foreman says that the cop had one, and he might have one, too, somewhere down the line. Foreman grins that all he needs is an Omaya reservoir in his brain and he'll be cured.

Cameron tells House that none of Foreman's samples tested positive for anything they were looking for. She wants to go back to the apartment and collect more, but House ain't having that, even afer Cameron insists that, with the proper HAZMAT precautions, her chances of catching anything are "next to nothing." Which was a lot when it came to her chances of getting HIV, and is a lot for House here. "It's not your fault he got sick," Cameron says in her sympathetic "I understand" tone and adopting her caring yet professional stance. "It would be his fault if we did," Chase adds, always up on the rules when it comes to things you can get blamed for. Plus, he's not looking to get sent to Joe's contaminated-ass apartment. House wants a biopsy of Joe's brain, but Cameron -- having gone from kindly and understanding to super-pissed-off in less than one second -- snaps that they can't do a biopsy on the cop since House gave him those blood thinners. "I didn't give Foreman any," House says. Chase says that they shouldn't go to those extremes if Foreman only has a staph infection, and proceeds to quote what Foreman said about it being a likely diagnosis without, of course, giving Foreman any credit. Which Foreman kind of deserves after the article thing, but whatever. House immediately knows whose words Chase is using, though, and leaves the office to argue with Foreman about his theory directly.

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