Euphoria, Part II

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Black Matter, White Matter

House, Cameron, and Daddy Foreman meet in Cuddy's office for a fight. Cuddy says the proxy document is legal, so Cameron can order the biopsy. House argues that Foreman wasn't in his right mind when he decided to make Cameron his proxy, which is funny, coming from a guy who must have been insane when he chose Stacy as his. Daddy Foreman just wants to know why Foreman didn't trust him to be the medical proxy. He's all hurt that his son wouldn't trust him after he just spent most of his time at a chapel instead of at his son's bedside because he doesn't like to deal with medical stuff. Come on now, Daddy Foreman. And somewhere, Chase sits, alone, and wonders why no one cared enough about him to make him a medical proxy or stab him with a needle or steal his articles. Poor, neglected Chase.

House gets all high and mighty, and tells Cameron that she is denying Daddy Foreman the right to make decisions for his son. I'm sure the fact that those decisions would actually be House's has no bearing on his sudden interest in patient rights. This is the same guy who told a grieving widower that his dead wife was just meat. "Oh, shut up, House!" Cuddy says. She tells Cameron to do the biopsy, and if House tries to interfere, she'll take care of it. But Cuddy can't even get an ally in Cameron, who responds with a vicious: "Yeah, you're a hero. If it wasn't for you, we'd be cutting into a dead guy's head instead of Foreman's!" Cuddy's face registers surprise, quickly followed by anger. Cameron remembers her place and mutters a "sorry." Cuddy should just fire everyone for insubordination after this episode is over.

Outside the office, House cheers Cameron on for her comments to Cuddy, then begs for more time before the biopsy so he can go back to Joe's apartment and find a dead animal that he can autopsy instead of cutting into Foreman's brain. Cameron says that House has until Foreman's O2 goes below ninety. Right now, it's at ninety-four. House goes off to the apartment without putting a HAZMAT suit on, figuring that one way or the other, they'll find out what's killing Foreman so he won't need to be protected against anything. Unless, of course, Foreman has something that's incurable. But since this is only a two-parter and not a three-parter, we can assume that it isn't.

Doctors set Foreman up for the biopsy so they can be ready to drill into his head as soon as they get the signal from Cameron.

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