Euphoria, Part II

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Black Matter, White Matter

Cuddy sits in her office and cries. Even a Strong Woman can get emotional.

House twirls his cane and watches the CDC wheel Dead Joe away from him and PPTH. He looks pretty sad and defeated when he answers his cell phone. It's Chase, telling him that Foreman's losing his sight again, and is now curled up in his bed shaking and in pain.

With the emotional music montage over, House and the Cottages assemble in the office. House notes that Foreman's disease is progressing much faster than Joe's, and that this anomaly will tell them something. They go over the differences between Joe and Foreman, and it's Cameron, and not House, who gives us the most obvious one: "Foreman's black." "What! How long have you been sitting on this information?" House says. That's one of the few race-related jokes this show has made that I've found actually funny. I guess it's because it didn't involve the word "Mandingo" or that it was made for absolutely no reason other than to scream to the viewing audience, and to point out that House is brash and likes to push buttons. This time, Cameron's saying it, because there are certain diseases that affect black people more than whites, and that they could be looking at one of them. House likes this idea and tells them to start looking up diseases that hit blacks harder than whites. Then House checks out the SteveCam and sees that Steve still seems to be completely healthy.

Cuddy stops by Foreman's isolation tank and asks him how he's doing. Foreman asks her why she cares. "Because you're a friend and I should be here," Cuddy says. Foreman and Cuddy have very different definitions of what a friend is. He thinks that Cuddy's showing concern because she feels bad about her decision and is hoping for Foreman's forgiveness, which he isn't about to give her. Cuddy says that the regulations gave her no choice, and then Foreman jumps at the tank wall, surprising Cuddy and making her jump back a few steps. Foreman yells at her that violating those regulations could mean a few years in jail for Cuddy, while following them could mean Foreman's death. And Foreman is willing to risk Cuddy going to jail and giving up her medical career and, basically, her own life if it means that he survives. Just like he was willing to infect Cameron to save himself. What a great guy Foreman is! I really hope he lives now!

House comes by and greets Cuddy by asking her whether she's having a nice visit with Foreman, which, obviously, she isn't. In House's mouth, he's holding a sealed vial of Legionella bacteria. I wouldn't think that that would be the best place to put that vial, but then, we all know how unconcerned House is with things like biohazard safety. He explains that one difference between Foreman and Joe was that Joe had Legionnaires disease, and his symptoms started progressing much faster once he was cured of it. So House is figuring that if they give Foreman Legionnaires, it'll slow down the progress of his disease. He doesn't know why or how, but he's willing to try it anyway. Foreman would rather just be put in a coma to get rid of the pain, but House enters the isolation tank without so much as a HAZMAT suit on and tosses the Legionnaires vial inside. It shatters on the ground, spreading the disease everywhere. Interestingly, Cuddy doesn't say anything or try to stop House from doing this. Nor does she confine House to the isolation tank now that he's exposed himself to the disease and should, therefore, be as much of a public health threat as doing that biopsy on Dead Joe is.

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