Euphoria, Part II

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Black Matter, White Matter

Cameron meets House outside the room. She tells him that the antibiotics are only curing the Legionnaires, and that they should do the biopsy. House still refuses; as long as Foreman isn't about to kick off this mortal coil, they have more time to wait for the antibiotics to work. And for more of Foreman's brain to be eaten away, never to return.

Chase enters the chapel and tells Daddy Foreman that they'll be putting Foreman in a coma now, and that he might want to be there for it. Daddy Foreman doesn't want to be around all that medicine stuff, even after Chase tells him that there's a chance that Foreman won't wake up. "What should I say?" the back of Daddy Foreman's head says to the camera. Very exciting camera angle there, Deran. I really feel like I'm a part of the scene now. "Just tell him you love him," Chase says.

So Daddy Foreman gets suited up and enters the isolation tank. He tells his son that everything will be okay, and then they get into a fight over whether or not Daddy Foreman knows that for sure or not. Save the petty arguments for when you aren't dying, Foremans. The Precious Moments Emmy Scene music comes on, and Daddy Foreman, his voice breaking, says: "I don't wanna miss you." "I love you too, Dad," Foreman says. They do not get into a petty argument over whether or not missing someone is the same as loving him, though. They just hold hands, and Foreman tells Cameron to put him in the coma. Right before he goes under, she tells him that she accepts his apology. I guess she isn't so sure that he'll live through the coma, after all. Foreman goes out with a smile on his face.

The next morning, Wilson comes to House's office to lecture him for not being at Foreman's side when he went into the coma. Then Wilson tells him to do the biopsy. House says that he has four hours until Foreman dies, based on Joe's progress, and that he's planning on using them to figure out what's wrong with Foreman without doing a biopsy. Four hours is a lot of time, so they can take a short psychoanalysis break, as Wilson tells House that he is in a situation that he always tries to avoid by avoiding his patients: caring. That makes it difficult to do all the outrageous and risky things that are the hallmark of House's diagnostic methods. And that's why House won't do the biopsy. If it were some stranger, House would have done it without a second thought. Cameron comes in and says that she has given the antibiotics more than enough time to work, and they haven't. Foreman is in pain in his coma and Cameron wants to do the biopsy now. House says no. "NOW. We're doing it now!" Cameron commands. And she has a piece of paper that says she has the authority to make that call. House wasn't expecting this.

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