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Just Kill Him, Already

McNorris tells Chronic that Fisher won't budge. Chronic says that's disappointing. "Well, I tried," McNorris says. Chronic says he knows McNorris is an eloquent man, so he should probably put those skills to use when he has to call that dead cop's wife to tell her that her husband has been killed by the system. McNorris points and says this isn't over yet. He punches Chronic in the face. Everyone freaks out as if Chronic had somehow done the punching. Three men hold McNorris back so no more testosterone leaks out of my television.

Chronic's fine. McNorris tells the warden to postpone the execution, since Chronic's injured. He says that if the journalists see Chronic's broken nose, they'll have a field day. The warden asks whether they've called the medic yet. Yep. The warden says that they'll delay for as long as it takes to get a specialist in to say that Chronic's fit for the chamber. An hour, at the most. McNorris tells us that there's a lot of traffic on the 80, so it might take a couple of hours. Chronic says it's nice that everybody's so concerned about his well-being, but as a Christian Scientist, he wants to refuse treatment. McNorris reminds him that he's Muslim. Chronic says he refuses medical attention because of his faith. McNorris says he just gave Chronic an extra hour of life. Chronic, furious, shouts that all McNorris did was buy his boy an extra hour of time. He doesn't want an extra hour, day, or month. He wants "the full boat." McNorris says that every hour gets him a better chance at a stay. Chronic says he doesn't have a broken nose, and he doesn't want medical attention. Even McNorris's face is absolutely perfect, so in about ten minutes Chronic should be just fine. The warden suddenly decides he can't delay. McNorris begs to be arrested. He then has a Constitutional right to face his victim, so a statement will need to be taken from Chronic, which would take a couple of hours. Chronic screams that he refuses to press charges. McNorris says that's irrelevant, since the state can press charges. The warden says the state's overriding interest is in seeing this man's sentence carried out. McNorris reminds the warden that he's killing an innocent cop just to get the execution done on time. This bothers nobody. McNorris asks for three hours. One hour. The warden says he can't. I can't believe someone's not asking here repeatedly, "How high does this go up? How high?" Chronic laughs and laughs and laughs. McNorris is open-mouthed. Chronic: "Nice try, boy. Nice try." STOP SAYING EVERYTHING TWICE!

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