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Just Kill Him, Already

McNorris takes a coffee break, telling Andrea that it wouldn't have been so bad in jail: "Three hots and a cot. No booze." Andrea tells McNorris he did everything he could. "Almost," McNorris says. The warden enters and asks the press to follow the leader to the execution viewing room. Andrea asks McNorris what he's talking about. McNorris: "You know the information I asked you for on Chronic? I need it right now." Andrea: "What are you going to do?" McNorris: "What I do best." Andrea: "You're going to have sex with him?" McNorris: "Wow. Thank you." Andrea: "Sure." It's these last three lines, and the facial expression on McNorris that earn this episode an A. It's really a B- piece of crap, but I thought this was a nice touch. McNorris says he's going to make a closing argument.

Pope. 11:20 PM. Pay no attention to the unexplained plotline! Just go with it! No questions! Gedrick and Ray enter a freight elevator. The gangsters inside ask for their guns. Gedrick says they don't give up their guns. The gangster says they'll return it after the meeting. Gedrick says there's no way he's giving up his gun. Everybody pulls a gun. Gedrick says the deal is that once one person pulls a gun, everybody pulls a gun and then nobody gets out of the elevator alive. Ray: "I swear to God, Loca, you try to take our iron, I'll pump sixteen out before I hit the floor." And...I just grew a dick. It's pretty. I'm probably not supposed to call it "pretty," am I? Oh, well. It's pretty. Loca says that it'll take a long time for anybody to find Gedrick and Ray's bodies. "His Holiness hasn't had any fun with a couple of cops in a while." The elevator stops. The doors open. A man is standing there. "You wanted to see me?" he asks. "I need a favor," Gedrick says. "From me?" The Pope asks. "Damn, you must be in trouble, huh?" The Pope is a well-built, heavily-tattooed Mexican man. Ray says it'd be better if they talked without "the jury." The Pope tells everyone to relax. "If things get ugly, you know, there'll just be three dead cops on the street tonight." Everyone lowers their guns. The Pope says to Gedrick: "Hey, mira, Blue. You ever jam up one of my shorties to get to me again, I'll pop you myself." My new dick is huge.

Time has passed. Ray says he knows that a gang lost fifty pounds of blow last week: "I know only one O.G. who could pull that off." Pope says he doesn't know anything about it. Ray says it was a brilliant operation until they found out that it was the Pope. "Yeah, well no one lives forever," Pope says with a smile. Ray makes a deal: he'll take care of Pope's "moms," if Pope helps them out. His moms will always be taken care of, physically and financially. Ray would personally respond to any call she makes. Ray says that if the cop gets sprung before the execution, it'll be a big "middle finger" to Chronic, who'll still get the lethal injection. Wait. Is it lethal injection, or gas? So confusing. Pope says that Chronic can go to hell, where he'll see him eventually. They shake on it.

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