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Just Kill Him, Already

McNorris watches Chronic die.

In super-extreme slow motion, Wahlberg screams to Manzani: "H-E'-S S-S-S-A-Y-I-N-G Y-O-U-R N-A-M-E!" Manzani shouts back, "Sam! I'm here, I'm here!" That's also in annoying slow-motion. "I'm here! I'm here!"

McNorris shuts his eyes, disappointed.

Huge moment for heart monitor! Chronic's dead!

Huge moment for Boomtown: so's Norville. On the show where nobody really ever dies, two deaths. Good thing we were told that was going to happen from the very beginning. We had time to prepare. "There's no pulse!" "He stopped breathing!" Thanks.

McNorris pouts.

Gedrick takes Norville's badge off and hands it to Ray, who hands it to Fearless.

Yep. Chronic's dead. They did the ol' fingers-on-the-neck check. So official.

McNorris pants.

Fearless hands the badge to Manzani. WHEN WILL THIS TORTURE END? The song, still pumping the same nine beats. Fearless leads Manzani away to console him.

McNorris punches the phone wall yet again.

Overhead shot of dead Chronic.

We are Chronic's soul, flying way in slow-motion, away from the insanity of San Quentin. The music stops and we hear the needle on the vinyl as we stare at the prison in slow-motion.

Next week: more dead cops. "And as the cat and mouse heats up," the promo guy says, "can you spot the rat?" Oh, man. I can't believe we recap this show. Fearless beating up his steering wheel's pretty funny, though. I'm looking forward to that moment.

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