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Just Kill Him, Already

Fearless. 10:07 PM. Fearless, Wahlberg and Ramos are grilling Manzani, asking him over and over again whether there's anything that might help them locate the kidnapped cop. Manzani describes the woman who flagged them down. No scars, no tattoos, didn't see a getaway car. Manzani asks if they can grid the neighborhood. Fearless says they don't have time. He asks why they didn't wait for backup. Manzani says it was an emergency situation. Ramos asks why Manzani let his partner, the boot, take point (meaning the rookie got into the more dangerous position). Manzani says he didn't tell him to; he just did. Ramos can't believe Manzani let this "mystery woman" get out of his sight. She didn't, actually. She was right there, macing the kid. "Yeah," Manzani says. "For a second. What is this? My partner was kidnapped. What are you asking me for? What are you asking me?" Wahlberg asks if they checked all the doors in the house. Manzani confesses that they didn't, but they should have. Fearless asks if the gang flashed any signs or used slang when they ambushed them. Manzani says he couldn't really identify them, since he took half a can of pepper spray to the face. Ramos reminds him that his partner's life is on the line, and asks him to think: "Just think." Wahlberg leans in and asks for anything. Fearless wants to know if there's something he forgot. Manzani says he told them everything he knows. "If this kid dies, it's on your head, okay?" Ramos tells Manzani. He reminds Manzani that the kid is only a year out of the academy, so he's Manzani's responsibility. Manzani yells that he couldn't see anything. Well, they've badgered him enough that we know he certainly set this entire thing up, huh? It's like they already know that, too. Why don't they bring it up, then? "Sammy." Finally, we get the kid's name. Manzani says they ran when they heard sirens and he must have blacked out right then because he can't remember anything after that. "Why didn't they take you, too?" Fearless asks. "I wish they had," Manzani says. And then, since the writing sucks ass around here, he says again: "I wish they had."

Wahlberg, Ramos, and Fearless agree that there's something "not right" about this situation. Aren't these the best cops you've ever seen? And why are they trying to make us like this Ramos guy? Is he a new addition to the cast? The three cops conclude that this had to be some kind of set-up. Haven't we known that for fifteen minutes? "Maybe it wasn't random," Wahlberg says. Fearless wonders if the cop was the easiest target, or the intended target all along. Didn't they already figure this all out in the last scene? Or before, when Chronic said this was going to happen? I really don't understand their confusion. The Chief says they got a 911 call just now. He plays it. It's the cop, Samuel Norville, who says he's an LAPD police officer and he's being held hostage. You can tell he's reading as he says that he has brought this upon himself: "I am a willing slave to an unjust justice system. I deserve to die. I'll miss you all and I'm sorry." Then the 911 lady cuts in calmly, "Officer, do you have a location?" Good Jesus. Talk about 911 is a joke. The rest of the room doesn't seem to be that spooked, either. I guess this happens all the time. No location? Well, there's nothing 911 can do for you, officer. Perhaps you should call back when you can respond to your own call. The dispatcher says it was a cell phone, so they didn't get a location. The chief asks now if they're sure it was Norville on the line. Hey, here's an idea everyone: take a nap. Then you can just kick back and relax, and by the time you wake up this will all be over. No more nasty kidnapping to worry about. No more dealing with a pesky criminal. Everyone will be dead and we can just move on. Kick back a couple of rounds with McNorris. Maybe Wahlberg can tell everyone a few stories about his kooky wife. The Chief gets the brilliant idea of telling three cops to listen to the 911 tape over and over again, listening for some sort of hint, like a noise in the background that would lead them to a location. On a cell phone. Where people are He says that perhaps Norville was accenting some syllables in code. Yeah. "I deserve to die," is code for "I'm in the kitchen of Barney's Beanery near the keg of Shiner." Maybe then he can get the rest of the police force to go through the phone book and call every number asking, "Hi. We're LAPD. Have you kidnapped Samuel Norville? No? Sorry to bother you."

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