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Just Kill Him, Already

Ray. 10:45 PM. "What's up?" Ray asks. "It changes by the minute," Wahlberg answers. Well, thanks for keeping us abreast. Wahlberg tells Gedrick and Ray to patrol East L.A. in Boyle Heights. Fearless says he thinks the East L.A. gangs are taking advantage of the entire situation. No, I don't know what that means, either. Gedrick reminds us all that the cop is missing from South Central. "Everybody can't be everywhere." It's like this scene is out of order, told from different points of view. Are they all talking to each other? Wahlberg tells Gedrick to talk to the chief if he's got a problem with it. Gedrick says he does. Ray says that East L.A. is just fine and dandy for them and there's no problem.

Cut to Random East L.A. joint. Probably an hour has passed, but this is the first time Gedrick and Ray have spoken to each other since, I guess, because Gedrick finally asks, "If everybody's in the hunt, why are we here?" Ray says they're going to set up a meeting with The Pope. Just stay with me. Nothing makes sense for a while, and then we just move on. Ray tells Gedrick a story about the time Chronic found out he had a snitch.

Cut to "Big-Ass House Party." Flashback film. Chronic has thrown this party for the snitch, who has no idea he's been found out. Ray runs down a list of clichéd gangsta foods, including the "ice chest of malt liquor," as if anyone with real bling-bling would actually be using a cooler. Ray says the snitch is eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow. "He smells like a neckbone," Ray says. If any of you know what that means, please email me. Anyway, in the back yard, Chronic releases his dogs on him. But Ray says this in a way that was obviously censored by the network. He says that the snitch was expecting something from Chronic's ladies. "He got something, all right," he says. "Only of the four-legged variety." It's 2003. We can handle the various meanings of the word "bitch." Just say the joke. The snitch's leg is ripped up in ten minutes, down to the bone, Ray says. We see Chronic watching, puffing a blunt, smiling. You can't get the death penalty for a dog ripping up a leg, can you? "Dog and his bone," Gedrick says. "You better believe it," Ray says. "Chronic never lets a debt go. He always collects." Now they're just trading tagline for Stallone movies back and forth. Ray sees a kid running down the empty East L.A. street. You know, I've only lived in this town for a couple of years, but I've yet to see an empty street on the east side. Ray gets up to follow the kid. It sounds like he says he's going to get a puppet.

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