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Just Kill Him, Already

Pool hall. Ray and Gedrick pull the kid away from a videogame. His name is Puppet. Ah, not "a puppet." Got it. He's got a cigarette tucked behind his ear. He's probably eleven. Ray picks Puppet up and plops him on a pool table, asking him how they're hanging. Puppet tries to leave, but Ray and Gedrick, keep him detained. Ray wishes Puppet a happy fourteenth birthday. Puppet says his birthday was last week. Ray says he's going to put his hand in Puppet's pocket, pull out some meth, and put Puppet away for a long time. Ray grabs the kid's ankle and starts twisting him. Puppet rolls on his back and screams that the cops are molesting him. Ray finds what he's looking for. Puppet tries to leave again. Gedrick and Ray keep him still. Ray says he wants "an audience with the Pope."

David McNorris. 11:03 PM. I'd like to enact an entertainment law that says nobody is allowed to sing "Time Is On My Side" again. I'm sick and tired of it. Anyway, Chronic's singing it, as he's running out of t-iii-ii-ime. McNorris must rub his head, because it's not his line. Chronic asks if McNorris has grown sweet on him now, and wants to look into his eyes. McNorris says he wants to come to a conclusion. Chronic tells him to make the governor change his mind. He says that McNorris needs some motivation, and says he lied about lying before. He offers up some confessions. McNorris says he doesn't want to play any more games with Chronic. "Conchita Escobeto," Chronic says, stopping McNorris in his tracks. "Killed by a stray bullet, sitting in her kitchen, feeding a baby." McNorris has been looking for her killer for a long time. Chronic says that if McNorris makes the call, he'll get him names, accomplices, witnesses: "I even know where the murder weapon is." The guard enters and says the DA's here. "His master's voice," Chronic says. He asks McNorris what he says. "No," McNorris says. He leaves.

McNorris is in a room with Fisher, the DA who handled Chronic's case. Fisher says that the name "Wesley Egan" doesn't ring a bell. McNorris says it should, since Egan's a jailhouse informant whose testimony put Chronic on Death Row. Suddenly Fisher knows who that is, and tells McNorris that Egan ODed on a speedball about five years ago. We see now that they're in the gas chamber room. Fisher says that McNorris pulled a nice trick getting them to meet there. McNorris says he just wanted some privacy. Fisher says he knows McNorris wanted to manipulate his emotions: "And you know what? I'm sorry. I have none." McNorris reminds Fisher that a cop's life is on the line: "Did Chronic kill Jellybean Winslow?" Fisher pretty much admits here that Chronic didn't, but says he did kill other people (sometimes with chainsaws and ball peen hammers), so it's just as well that he's finally going to die. McNorris says that Egan's been known to lie in at least three different trials. He says he wants Fisher and Chronic's lawyer to see the judge and ask for a stay of execution pending a new trial. Fisher asks for McNorris's advice on what kind of sword he should then use to commit ritual suicide. McNorris says he's not asking to reverse the sentence, but that staying the execution for a day might give them enough time to find the kidnapped cop. He guilt-trips Fisher, reminding him that he used a liar's testimony to put Chronic on Death Row and somehow because of that it's his fault that a cop's facing an execution himself. Fisher says Chronic would have pulled this stunt even if they had Mother Teresa on the stand. He doesn't know for sure that Egan lied, but if he did, he still wouldn't miss a wink of sleep. "Not a wink," he must repeat. He says that Chronic is the poster child for the death penalty, and he wishes he could push the button himself. He excuses himself back to his Nob Hill-ery. McPointy does a grand pointing and stares into the gas chamber.

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