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Exit Strategery

Manor. Up in Phoebe’s boudoir, the witch herself applies blush while perched in an unflattering orange nightshirt at her vanity. Cole squiggles in behind her, much to her delight. She rushes into his embrace, and the two commence with the face-sucking. Not to be unpleasant about this, but the guy’s been passed out in a dungeon for a week. Not only would he reek of body odor, but his mouth probably tastes like a ferret crawled in there and died. Take a shower and invest in some Listerine first, kids. Ick. Cole tells Phoebe “[he’s] missed [her] so much,” which I find hard to believe because he’s been unconscious during the entire period of separation, but Phoebe doesn’t seem to mind. Cole breaks away from the embrace and tells Phoebe about the new assignment the Bi Kraps have given him. She insists he not take it, despite his promise to her that no harm will come to the woman he’s set to target. As amulets protect people from harm, Phoebe argues, it would take the strength of Belthazor to wrest it away from the woman wearing it. Merely morphing into Belthazor would constitute an evil act, which is of course A Very Bad Thing. Though it didn’t seem to bother anyone when he morphed into Belthazor to extract a confession from the white trash biker in “Just Harried.” Or when he used the powers of Belthazor to aid in the Magical Native American Guy’s rescue in “The Good, The Bad, And The Cursed.” Or when he did something demonic that ended up helping them in that episode I've, mercifully, pretty much forgotten about because djb was the unlucky s.o.b. who got to recap that week. Anyway, Cole reminds Phoebe that he has to continue playing along with the Bi Kraps until he can safely disappear. Phoebe offers to accompany Cole on his mission. Cole tells her she can’t. Ian can read others' thoughts. If Ian has read Cole’s, he’ll know the details of last week’s deception. Ian therefore might be setting a trap for Phoebe and her sisters by placing a fellow witch in harm’s way. It follows that Cole must complete this task on his own. Cole urges Phoebe to trust him, and to continue her work on the potion that would eliminate his demonic half. They play another round of tonsil hockey, and Cole squiggles out mid-kiss. Phoebe wipes the excess saliva from her lips while looking dismayed, no doubt wondering how she can rid herself of the taste of dead ferret. Quick cut to the manor hallway. Phoebe hustles down the stairs, yelling for Prue. Phoebe gives Prue the brief version of what just happened (“Cole’s in trouble”) and drags her up to the attic to “scry for a witch.”

Cut to Ye Olde Wiccan Gift Shoppe. Cole squiggles in, to the distress of the bleach blonde therein. He tells her to calm down and remove the amulet she’s wearing. She refuses, noting that she’s been “sworn to protect it.” Cole advances on her, urging her in a threatening tone of voice not to fight him. He reaches out to grab the necklace, which flares up blue and shoots a ray into his body. Cole’s hurled backwards into some of the Wiccan merchandise. He collects himself and rises to his feet as the blonde notes, “You can’t take it from me.” “Maybe I can’t,” Cole agrees. He then morphs up into Belthazor and adds, “But I can.” Belthazor approaches the blonde, who raises her hand to the amulet. The amulet shoots out some sort of low-tech shimmery blue energy shield in front of the blonde. Belthazor reaches through the shield and rips the necklace away from her. The shield disappears. The demon grabs the blonde by the throat, but then thinks the better of throttling her with one hand. He releases her with a warning to tell no one about his visit -- not even her Whitelighter. Belthazor squiggles out, leaving the blonde to pant and massage her neck.

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