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Exit Strategery

Once the other members of her coven have left, the lead witch senses the Presence of Evil. She calls into the darkness, “Who’s there?” Cole and the Freak reveal themselves right before Cole morphs up into Belthazor. The lead witch rises to her feet, holding the amulet out away from her body. “You can’t hurt me,” she asserts through clenched teeth as Belthazor strides over to her. The amulet spits out a spray of blue rays, which congeal to form a shield in front of her. Belthazor pushes his hand through the shield to reach for the necklace. Cleansing Burst Of Synchronicity -- the Ps galumph into the clearing at that moment. Prue orders Piper to freeze Belthazor. Piper worries that she might “blow him up” if she tries. Prue TKs him into a large rock instead. Phoebe runs to the lead witch’s side as the Freak conjures an FBOD to hurl their way. Piper tosses her hands up into freeze position, but manages only to vanquish a tree behind the Freak. The force of the explosion does, however, toss the Freak face-first into the ground. “Okay, that was good. Sort of,” Prue decides as Belthazor and the Freak pull themselves up. Belthazor flings an FBOD at Phoebe and the lead witch. The amulet’s shield absorbs the FBOD, but the impact sends the two flying back into the bushes. Prue TKs Belthazor into the rock again, and follows this move by tossing a bit of the coven’s fire after him. The Freak tries the FBOD one more time, but Prue knocks him back into the rock as well. Belthazor and the Freak rise to glare at the witches, then squiggle out. Phoebe pants and shudders, and we cut to commercial.

Manor. The Ps enter with the lead witch, whose name is revealed to be “Jenna.” I’ll not be making a crack about underage First Daughters swilling cheap beer in seedy Austin nightclubs. Nope. Not me. Prue calls out for the Dolt. Phoebe explains to Jenna that the Dolt is both their Whitelighter and their brother-in-law. She’s sporting a nasty scrape on her forearm, presumably from the tumble she took into the bushes in the previous scene. Prue impatiently calls out for the Dolt again as Phoebe tells her to calm down. “I’m fine, really,” she insists. “It’s no big deal.” “Phoebe, it’s a huge deal,” Piper corrects. “Cole tried to kill you.” Prue explains to Jenna that Cole is both the demon who attacked them and Phoebe’s boyfriend. “We have very complicated lives,” Phoebe notes as Jenna nods her head all, “With you guys on my side, I am so dead by the end of this episode.” Or maybe it was me thinking that. She smiles gamely and admits that she always wanted to meet the Charmed Ones. Again I must ask why the witches of San Francisco lack a professional society or some sort of directory. It would make their jobs so much easier. Prue apologizes for the fiasco in the clearing, but Jenna’s cool with it. They saved her and the amulet, and that’s really all that matters. She inspects Phoebe’s wound and suggests applying a salve. She clasps her hands together at her bosom, bows her head, and asks, “Would you allow me entrance to your herb cupboard?” Shut up, Jenna. Prue translates the request for Piper, who leads Jenna to the kitchen. Phoebe and Prue sit on the sofa to indulge in some more nattering along the lines of “Cole’s a good guy. Really, he is. No, I mean it. He is.” Prue clearly has her doubts about all that, but keeps quiet. They agree that getting Cole away from the Bi Kraps remains a priority, then head into the kitchen. That little bit was most unnecessary, and I will never get those forty seconds of my life back. Thanks for nothing, ladies.

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