Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategery

Kitchen. Piper removes a mason jar from the magically-restored cupboard while Jenna whips up a salve at the island. The gals admire her mad mixing skillz. Jenna modestly smiles at the compliments. She gathers a bit of the salve on a spoon and spreads it over Phoebe’s wound. The numbing effect is immediate. Phoebe wonders if Jenna would mind helping out with the Demon Be Gone. She’d be honored. Phoebe tells her they need to find billingsroot. Jenna’s face sets itself into a puzzled expression as she notes they have it right there in the kitchen. She retrieves another mason jar from the magically-restored cupboard. Phoebe tells Jenna she’s wrong -- what she has in her hands is ginger. Jenna: “Duh. Ginger is billingsroot, you moron.” Only she’s much more polite about it. Phoebe hugs her, telling Jenna she’s “healed [Phoebe] twice,” and asks Piper if she’d assist Jenna with the Demon Be Gone. Prue: “Why? Where are you going?” To the Mausoleum’s mausoleum to rendezvous with Cole and drag him back to the manor, of course. Prue and Piper are of the opinion the Colethazor is beyond all hope at this point. Phoebe tells them to can it. “Cole’s not the enemy,” she states flatly. “He’s the victim. And I’m going to save him.” Phoebe books out the back door. Jenna glances warily at Prue and Piper, who roll their eyes.

Cavern Of The Bi Kraps. Back-and-forth bickering between Cole and Ian about the latest failed mission. Cole cuts through the crap to tell Ian to give it a rest. He knows Ian doesn’t really care about the amulets. He knows the missions are simply an exercise to make him hate Phoebe. He knows this plan won’t work. Cole refuses to follow any more of Ian’s orders. Ian plays his ace. He raises his left hand to conjure the glowing white orb again. Meet Cole’s father. Well, his father’s soul, at any rate. Cole lunges at Ian, but the Freak holds him back with a dagger at his throat. Ian proposes a deal. If Cole kills Jenna, Ian will release Cole from any further obligations to the Bi Kraps and hand over his father’s soul as well. Cole glares, then squiggles out. “The only thing separating us from getting him back are a couple of drops of innocent blood,” Ian nefariously notes. “And they’re about to be spilled.”

Mausoleum’s mausoleum. Cole squiggles in to find Phoebe waiting for him. He apologizes for the FBOD he tossed her way earlier. She tells him not to worry about it. “It’s not like you haven’t tried to kill me before,” she reminds him. Yeah, this is a healthy relationship. They must return to the manor immediately to apply the Demon Be Gone. Cole, addled, chooses not to tell her about his father’s captive soul. Rather, he frets that the potion might be too little, too late. His hand morphs into Belthazor’s while the Darth Maul markings dance across his face, which -- forgive me -- is kind of cool. Phoebe urges him to get a grip and moves to lead him out to the car. He pants that squiggling would be faster. She thinks calling upon his demonic resources would be too much of a temptation in his current state. She slides an arm around his waist and helps him to the door.

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