Extra Ordinary

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Extra Ordinary

Abbott House of Even More Pain. Patch and Mayor Rose wait for Amy with the Princeton rep. Amy has totally bailed. Patch says, "I hear wonderful things about your Women's Studies program!" He's wearing a bright orange Princeton sweater vest. Heh. The rep nods, but is clearly not pleased. They all sit uncomfortably. Mayor Rose says that she's sure Amy will be there shortly. Sure, pal.

Cut to the Abbott diner table, where Patch and Rose lay into Amy. She says she's sorry. Yeah, real sorry. Patch tells Amy that they finally brought out the photo album, so that the Princeton lady would know what she looked like. "The ones from your seventh-grade gymnastics tournament really took the cake!" He angrily cuts into his food. It's funny. Rose says that Amy embarrassed her parents and insulted the Princeton rep. Amy just keeps saying she's sorry, in a totally not sorry way. Rose says she doesn't think Amy has the slightest concern about her future. Amy says that she really doesn't. No shit? She asks if they're done. Rose starts to say that they are absolutely not, but Patch interrupts her. He tells Amy to go. Patch is about to be in big trouble, dude. Rose stands up. She tells Amy to hold the fuck on. She says that she knows this is hard for Amy, but that Amy can't just forget about everything that was important to her. Patch, once again, tells Rose to shut it. Amy walks off, and Rose gives Patch the Eyes of Wifely Hate. Patch and Rose walk into the kitchen to fight. Rose says it was a united front that got Patch and her this far, and that they're not about to stop now. Patch says that there's nothing to do with Amy -- that she's hurting, and with good reason. Rose says that Amy can't continue in "this void" -- Amy doesn't eat, doesn't sleep; it's not normal. Patch: "She's not supposed to be normal! She not just grieving for Colin; she's grieving for the life that she wanted and expected." He says that now the rest of Amy's life is like a second choice. Good point, Patch. Still, suck it up, Amy. Rose says that she misses the Amy she used to know. Aw. Rose says, "Am I really supposed to just [sic] do nothing?" Patch: "Yes. Be thankful that you have the easier job." And just what is THAT supposed to mean, Patch of Wrongness? Commercial. Tipsy recapper.

Patch's Office of Second Opinions. Mrs. Wilson says that she's very worried about Stacy's rupture. All Stacy cares about is getting her boobie fixed. Let's all hate her together, shall we? Shut up, Flatty. Patch says, "What was Dr. Brown's assessment, if you don't mind my asking?" Mrs. Wilson says that Treat advised not to get the implant replaced. Stacy brats, "Like after seven grand and a week of drainage tubes, I'm going to take them out and use them as a paper weight? I don't know why I went to Dr. Brown in the first place; I'm lucky I came out alive." You are about to PISS ME OFF, sister. And Patch, too, apparently. He looks at Stacy hatefully, and says that he's afraid he can't offer a second opinion. Mrs. Wilson: "You don't have an opinion?" Patch ushers them out of his office. "Nope, none. No opinions here, fresh out, tabula rasa. Good day, and good luck with your breasts!" Hee.

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