Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by admin October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

Nick's cop friends show up shortly thereafter and an ambulance takes Marie to the hospital. While waiting for her, Nick draws a sketch of their attacker, and as soon as she's in stable condition, they talk about what just happened. He's totally freaked out and Marie tells him that they "have the ability to see what no one else can" and that when these bad guys lose control, they can't hide, and Nick and Marie are able to see them "for what they really are." Nick tries to get her to spot spooking him out, but Marie's all "this is no fairy tale" and schools her nephew on the Grimm family history in one short lesson: All of those bone-chilling stories about wolves and witches and Rumpelstiltskins were non-fiction. There's more for Nick to learn, and since Marie is probably going to die any second now, he has to study up all on his lonesome using the materials provided in her trailer o' horror unless he wants to be eaten by a witch living in a gingerbread house. Mmmmm, gingerbread house.

Walking out of the hospital, Nick fiddles with the green thing his aunt gave him earlier, which turns out to be a key. He sits at his desk in the station, examining the scythe that nearly killed Marie (that says "Reapers of the Grimms" when translated from ancient Ghoulish) and recalling all of those creepy crawlers he encountered early that day. Hank comes in for moral support and further case-cracking. Turns out Holder the demon has all kinds of crazy backgrounds to him, including accounting, assault, rape, murder in several different states. Their conversation is cut short when the guys are greeted by Capt. Renard, who tells Nick that your first shooting messes you up (a truth Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski can attest to) and that he'll be sent to see a police psychologist.

Then there's this dream sequence of a Nick's fiancé Juliet running through the woods and getting attacked by a monster. Nick wakes up in the classic post-nightmare fashion (one gesture away from Kevin realizing he's starring in Home Alone) and wakes up for an insomnia tour of Marie's trailer. It's got some weird stuff in there, including some medieval-looking (and probably dated) weaponry, bottles and a book filled with sketches of demons. Juliet stops the fun and leads Nick back to bed. On their way, they hear the growl of a haunted cat and we learn that Nick starting living with his aunt when he turned 12.

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