Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by admin October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

Except they don't leave, because Hank realizes stare-y McCreep was just humming Eurythmics. I guess bludebotten are not immune to getting Annie Lennox's voice stuck in their evil wolf brains, either. Ugh, he shuts off all the lights like creep and the guys break their way back into his dark-ass house. They use their flashlights and are quickly attacked by Wolfy in his wolf-form. This doesn't last long because Hank has a gun and everything. They chase him down, and as he lives out his final seconds, he transforms back into his human state (at least it Nick's eyes, for all I know he's always been in that state?), looks at Nick and mutters "Grimm," being no help whatsoever in telling the whereabouts of the missing girl. Hank and Nick go back into the house, and Hank is still obsessed with "calling it in" that he can't even notice the obvious trap door where the girl is being held. Luckily, Nick's not an IDIOT and he saves the girl and we get the obligatory cheesy mission accomplished music. Yay!

Nick is once again at Marie's bedside, telling her comatose body how confused he is. As he's spilling his heart out, a doctor comes in to give Marie a probably necessary shot for her health and WAIT IT IS POISON and it's that demon blonde from before and she injects Nick with the poison and walks away, holding her meth-face up high. And THEN doctors come in, which was weirdly immediate considering no one thought to stop the evil blonde girl in the impostor lab coat. Whatever. She gets into a car where she tells her boss that she couldn't kill Marie since Nick was there and her boss is like, "Oh well, we'll try again next week and probably for many weeks after that. Here's hoping Marie doesn't open her eyes as soon I start driving." And then Marie wakes up to end the episode, all Game of Thrones-like.

Can't say I totally hated this, and if there's going to be another procedural on the air, at least Grimm has a fun twist. It's up against Fringe and Supernatural, and considering how terrible the latter has recently, maybe people will room in their hearts and DVRs for this show. I'm looking forward to meeting seven dwarves later in the season and reading your thoughts in the forum... if you dare.

Will Grimm investigate such fairytales as "The Donkey Cabbages" and "The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage"? Find out in this video:

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