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The Yips

House returns to the meeting room, where Foreman has hope that they can still save Matty. They'll just test for every infection and hope that they find it before time runs out. That sounds like a good plan to me -- why haven't they been doing that all this time? You can't test for an infection while you're sitting in the meeting room. Hop to it, guys! House says that the odds don't support them randomly finding the one infection out of thousands that could be killing Matty, but Foreman says it's better than standing around the meeting room doing nothing. The Cottages and Wilson agree, and they follow Foreman out. House takes a Vicodin and then stares directly at the camera. Don't look at me, man. I didn't think making Matty sick was a good idea in the first place.

House enters Nick's room, where he finds the kid moaning in pain with his dad at his side. Dad says Nick has "maxed out" on his pain meds, so House writes a prescription for more and sends Dad off to get it. Dad doesn't know any better than to leave House alone with his kid, so he goes. With him conveniently out of the way, House takes a seat by Nick and tells him that he's dying, no matter what. Of all the people to tell you you're dying, House has got to be the worst. Except for Season One Cameron, who won't tell you at all. House rubs it in that Nick is going to die without driving, drinking, or fucking. But, House says, Nick's life doesn't have to be meaningless. As he says in a close-up shot of House's mouth (WTF? I don't need to be that close), Nick can save his brother's life.

Wilson and Foreman run tests. Wilson moans that House said he was timid. Just so Foreman doesn't feel superior, Wilson adds that House is going to fire Foreman. How does Wilson know that? Did Cuddy tell him? She's the only one we've seen House tell. That wasn't cool of her. Or maybe Wilson just knows from experience that House will fire employees who waste time thinking of ways to save their patients that don't require a doubly unnecessary heart surgery. Foreman says that right now, he's not sure if he wants to be fired or not. Wilson says that if he cares, he'll fight to keep his job. If he doesn't, he'll quit. Duh, Wilson. And then Wilson points out something that I thought was odd from a while ago: what was a water pump doing in the New Jersey suburbs?

While Matty suffers all alone in his room, Nick tells his parents that he wants to die to save Matty. Obviously, his parents don't want this to happen. "It's time for me to go, Dad. You gotta let me go," he says. The parents fall apart. They love Nick so much more than Matty. Nick says if he saves Matty, they won't be alone. Yeah, they'll be stuck with the kid they hate like House is stuck with that dog.

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