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The Yips

Wilson talks to the parents. He tells them that a mitral valve replacement will mean that Matty can't play contact sports like baseball and will be on blood thinners for the rest of his life. But their darling Nick will survive, and that's all that matters. Mom asks if a different donor match is possible, and House says it's just as possible that said donor will ride into PPTH on a unicorn. Distressed as Mom is, she still shoots House the perfect "what is your fucking problem?" look that House gets at least once an episode. As the dad sees it, their choice is to either "cripple one son or kill the other." House gets all hot and bothered and says that not being able to play baseball doesn't make you a cripple. You have to lose leg muscle and be an asshole to fully realize that dream, I guess. And it's not like Matty just can't play baseball; he will be missing a part of his heart for the rest of his life. The dad asks Wilson what they should do. This time, Wilson makes a decision and tells him to "protect your family as a whole. You should do the surgery." What about what Matty wants? Or Nick? Yes, they're children and don't have any legal right to make the decision, but they should at least be consulted about it.

House is thrilled with Wilson for making a decision for the family. Wilson isn't quite so happy; he thinks he bullied the family and didn't let them make their own decision. House thinks that Wilson only wants the family to make the hard decisions because it lessens his own guilt if the wrong one is made. Wilson says that by House's logic, "a sociopath would make the best patient advocate in the world." House is like, "Have you met me?"

Cameron comes to take Matty to surgery. He's visiting with Nick, who thanks him, as if that's enough. What Matty is doing at least worth a thank-you card , so I hope he'll go to work on one once the cancer is gone. Matty says that Nick would do the same thing for him. I'm glad someone would, as it's clear that Matty's parents won't do shit for him. Case in point: on his way out, Matty asks his parents if he'll be better in time to pitch in the playoffs. "Maybe next season," Mom says. Wow. They didn't tell him that he wouldn't be able play baseball anymore. They suck. I mean, did they really think Matty would refuse to have the surgery done because he'd rather play baseball than save his brother's life? Please. Let's give a ten-year-old a little more credit. And do they really think Matty won't have a problem with the fact that his parents sent him off to surgery without telling him the entire truth? Ah, well, they'll be plenty sorry for it now, as they have the misfortune of having Cameron in earshot after Matty leaves and they talk about how they didn't tell Matty about the baseball thing because the mom didn't think he'd agree to the surgery if he knew. Shockingly, Cameron puts her two cents in (even though no one asked for it) and says that they did the right thing by keeping that information from their son, so there will be no lecture forthcoming from her. Cameron, you disappoint me. Mom goes to check on the son she obviously loves more.

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