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The Yips

Cameron goes to work taking blood from Matty to test, and Matty sure is looking healthy after having an open-heart procedure done. She tells the parents, who are starting to lose faith in PPTH (finally), that the tests will only take a few hours to do. Meanwhile, Nick has bruises all over his arms.

House and Wilson make their way out of PPTH. House invites Wilson out to the movies, but Wilson is more concerned with his suspicions that Hector's overdose wasn't accidental. House denies this, and karma bites him in the ass when his cane snaps and he falls on the floor. Wilson delightedly says that it wasn't his fault this time, and House says it's the dog's. He chews everything, and House thinks he's had a "good, long life" and it's his time to go. That seems to be the way Matty's parents feel about Matty, too. Cameron's House-is-hurt-alert has gone off, and she rushes to the scene and asks if he's okay. House says that he tripped over Wilson's self-righteousness as Chase offers him a hand up, which he refuses to take. Why does Chase even try anymore? Cameron reports that the autoimmune tests were negative, and Nick's capillaries are starting to leak blood. If that happens in his brain, he'll die. Cameron thinks it's time to check out the close match Foreman found. House still refuses.

But Foreman's already telling Matty's parents about the donor and they are very happy with the news.

After the commercial, Wilson and House are recommending against the partial match donor to the parents, who must be so confused by now. House says that the pain Nick will endure from graft-versus-host disease will be horrible. The parents say that they understand that, but they'd rather have their son be in pain than dead. Unless it's Matty, in which case they'd prefer both. They ask Wilson how long they're supposed to wait for House to figure out and cure whatever's wrong with Matty, since Nick's brain could start bleeding any second. Wilson has to admit that he doesn't know how long it will take them, and the dad insists on the partial-match transplant. Oh, and giving Matty antibiotics to make him healthy again. If they have the time.

Afterwards, Wilson grumps that Foreman screwed them with Matty's parents. To his surprise, House actually blames Wilson for not using the parents' trust in him to manipulate them. "Foreman did what he thought was right. You, on the other hand, sucked out!" House yells at Wilson. "When the decision really mattered, you didn't have the guts to tell them what to do. If that kid dies, it's because Foreman was wrong AND because you're a coward." Wow, that came out of nowhere. Wilson can't believe it. He stands there with his jaw hanging open, fighting back tears, while House walks away.

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