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Glynn walks into the ward, where Gloria tells him that Schibetta was brought in "vomiting and pissing blood." I can't believe that wasn't shown on screen. Tom must have been sick that day. Schibetta, looking rather peaked, demands that Glynn deliver Adebisi to him. Does he want him to jump out of a cake or something? Glynn refuses, and drops the bomb that his brother turned himself in, and their deal is over. And I thought Schibetta looked pale before.

Kitchen. Glynn informs Pancamo, along with Pancamo's helmet, that the Italians are out of the kitchen and into the dress factory, effective immediately, if not sooner. Pancamo and Adebisi exchange words as Chuckie leaves, and then Glynn turns his attention to Adebisi, telling him that if he can prove Adebisi poisoned Schibetta, it won't go well for him. Glynn 2.0: Busting Balls And Loving It.

Hill tells us that when brothers work together, amazing stuff happens. As we see Mark led into custody, he continues, "When they don't, life sucks."

We flash back to Keller breaking Mack's nose; then we see Mack spinning in a wheelchair in the infirmary. Alvarez leads Keller in and tells him to wait. Mack tells Keller he's getting his nose checked, and we flash back again to Mack's nose bleeding, even though in the first flashback we clearly heard Mack say, "You broke my fucking nose!" Boooo. Keller says he's getting his cast off, but Mack is still testy. Keller says he already apologized, and that he had to make it look good for Beecher. I wondered whether Mack was in on the plan from the beginning. Mack says after Beecher's dead, they've got a score to settle, and Keller's all, bring it on. Were Keller's eyes always that steely bluish grey? Whoa, sorry. Mack leaves, and Gloria comes over and starts up the cast-cutting machine. Keller mock-screams and grins wide, and that's a refreshing change from his usual dead-eyed brooding, I'll tell you what.

And now another scene you've all been waiting for, judging from the forums. Keller and Beecher enter the gym, and Keller starts teaching Beecher how to wrestle. Okay, this is porn, plain and simple. Nothing wrong with it, but let's call a spade a spade. Keller takes Beecher down a few times as Schillinger surreptitiously watches. We only see his face, so to what degree he's enjoying the proceedings is unclear, but he certainly seems pleased enough. Meanwhile, who wears short shorts? Keller wears short shorts, and I'd say something about his ass, but I know you've all seen "Revenge Is Sweet," so I won't bother. Schillinger leaves before Beecher and Keller go again from a position that, well, to put it delicately, calls to mind the words "arf arf." Keller definitely gets a hand in Beecher's crotch at one point; then he takes off his shirt, credits-style. If you ask me, they're doing this all out of order, but what do I know about wrestling? Beecher goes shirtless also. Someone needs to hose these two down already. And after that, the hose should be turned on the forums. Put those cigarettes down, people! You don't even smoke! (Sars, you're excused.)

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