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Cut to Beecher and Keller playing chess. No, not like that. They're already bantering like a couple. McManus somberly enters and asks Beecher for a word. Keller asks what Beecher did, but Beecher explains that if you do something wrong, you go to McManus's office, while if he comes to you, it's to deliver bad news. Sounds right to me. McManus asks if Beecher wants Keller. He says yes. Actually, he asked if he wanted Keller to hear this, but I think the answer was "yes" to both questions. McManus tells Beecher that his wife killed herself. Beecher tries valiantly to hold it together as he asks how. The answer is that she locked herself in the garage and started the car running. Oy. Beecher asks about his kids, is told that they're fine and with his family, and says he wants to see them, to which McManus answers that he already scheduled a visit for the following day. McManus says he's sorry. Beecher asks if Genevieve left a note, and McManus says he'll try to find out. He leaves. Keller asks if Beecher wants to keep playing, or go wrestle, or for him to leave. Beecher shakes his head, and then covers his face in his hands. Keller grabs his head, and tells him to cry if he wants, but Beecher's a big girl now, so he throws the table over instead. That gets everyone's attention, but Keller easily tells the hack that there's no problem. Beecher hugs the wall as Keller bets himself that he can be in Beecher's pants within a day.

Schillinger delivers the mail. He gives Beecher, who's playing cards with Keller, a note on Cartier stationery, then laughs about Beecher's wife. Beecher ignores him and reads the note. He tells Keller that it's from Genevieve. "She says that I did it. I killed her just like that little girl." Well, that's the guilt that keeps on giving. He stomps off.

Beecher comes into the visiting area and asks an older woman (it's his grandmother, and I totally recognize the actress from All My Children, which is pathetic) where the kids are. She tells him they're in the playroom, but she asks him to wait, and tells him that the kids were the ones that found her. Ugh. You know, I bet the psychiatric profession mourned the systematic thinning of the Beecher herd, because the therapy bills this family would have generated would be enough for several yachts and college educations, I'd wager. She begs him to go slowly, and wonders whether they should have come this soon, as the kids are still in shock. Beecher seethes and looks through the window at his kids. Suddenly we're in a flashback, as the drum of Oh God, They're Not Really Going There crashes a warning. Beecher's kids, cutely decked out in their bicycle helmets, open the garage door as birds incongruously chirp. Luckily, there's a lot of smoke, and they cut away before we see anything, although we do just catch the son starting to run away in horror. Of all the visceral reactions this show has provoked in me, this one was way up there, and that's saying a lot. In the present, Beecher says he understands, but then snaps, "Get them the fuck out of here." Oh, no no no, Toby. I wouldn't say I have a very extensive moral code, but number one on my list is that you don't say "fuck" to your grandmother. That one's non-negotiable. The grandmother collects the kids as Beecher watches sadly.

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