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Ryan slides something across a table. We see that Cyril is sitting with him as Ryan says he has to do something for him. Cyril: "But it's bad. You told me not to be bad anymore." Oh, this is heartbreaking. I'm choosing to believe that the chemo is seriously affecting Ryan's judgment, because I cannot believe that he would endanger Cyril's welfare like this. I'm probably kidding myself, though. Ryan tells him just to do it this one time, for him. Cyril agrees. "I love you, bro." Ryan tells him he loves him too. Yeah, Heartbreak City, that scene right there.

And it doesn't end. Tesseract TV has Gloria enter Glynn's office, with Glynn and McManus already there. Glynn none too gently breaks it to her that her husband's been murdered, and Lauren Velez does a very credible job of breaking down as McManus comforts her. Ye gods, this episode is leaving me with a not-so-fresh feeling. And we didn't even see any bodily fluids.

Hill, in silhouette, tells us that sometimes he remembers things he did and experienced as a child. A light comes on, and we see it's actually a kid with dreads. Nice. Next to the kid, Hill says that those memories seem like they happened to another person, a century or two ago. Insert monologue joke here. Hill goes on that he's not even sure if his memories are real, and you can't build your life on the perceptions of a child. "You got to let all that shit go. You got to start fresh." Cut to Ryan, listening to his heart through the stethoscope. "Every single day, you have got to start again." And that's it.

Thanks for reading. See you in a few weeks for the infamous Adebisi/Schibetta scene.

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