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Later, Said comes to see Poet. Said asks if he's packed, but Poet says he doesn't want to "take anything out of this place," which is a nice sentiment, although I hope he's including his poems in that. He goes on that leaving Oz is like waking up from a dream, and Said agrees by quoting Aristotle: "Hope is a waking dream." McManus comes to get Poet, saying his mother's there to collect him, and I find it oddly amusing that his mother is picking him up from prison just like it's day care. Poet very sincerely thanks them both, and McManus unsmilingly stands there like a tool, probably because no one's ever thanked him for anything, so he never had the need to learn a little sentence called "You're welcome." God. Said recites his usual blessing, and Poet's gone. I have to say with the delay in the release and the drugs that Wangler gave him, I thought there was no way Poet was actually getting out, so this was a pleasant surprise in more ways than one.

Some hack tells Shirley (yay!) that she's the prettiest girl on Death Row. I'd point out that I don't think there are any other "girls" on Death Row, but I think he might actually have been trying to be funny there. Anyway, she favors him with a smile, and he lets Mukada in to see her. Cut to the two of them sitting on the bed, as Shirley muses that she never was one for religion, which makes it doubly amusing when she refers to atheists as "whatchadingies." Hee. Mukada asks if she's an atheist, although if I were in his position I totally would have asked, "Are you a whatchadingy?" Wait for it: Because I'm twelve. She says since the "accident" she's had all kinds of feelings, and Mukada flinches at that description of the circumstances of her daughter's death. She asks for him to save her, and soon her hands are in naughty, and new, places. And I thought she was barking up the wrong tree with Kirk. From the music on the soundtrack, you'd think a litter of puppies was about to be run over by an eighteen-wheeler, and indeed Mukada looks like he can't decide whether he's more horrified that she's hitting on a priest or that he's being hit on by a woman. Mukada calls for the hack, but Shirley wails that she's "so fucked up" (uh, yeah) and starts crying. She apologizes, and he sits back down and hugs her. I would have laughed really hard if she started hitting on him again, but it's not to be.

Hill, still in the crib, tells us that since you don't get to see your real family in Oz, you do things that help keep them closer to you in your mind. He seems to have made up with the giraffe, although they may just have settled into a classic prag relationship.

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