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McManus meets Diane in the locker room. She steels her courage and says she knows her has doubts about what happened to Ross, and asks if he remembers the look in Ross's eyes when he shot him. McManus says he does, but he doesn't remember anything after that. Diane says that she doesn't remember much either, but she did what she did because Ross was trying to kill McManus. McManus snots, "And that justifies it." Actually, it does, and any court of law would tell you the same, so stow it, fuckwad. Diane agrees with me. McManus says that what she's saying goes against his worldview, but Diane earnestly says that not everyone lives in the same world as him (a declaration that was the first runner-up at the Understatement Awards) and "for most of us, what has to be done matters more than what should be done." I couldn't have said it better, although I would have added "dickhead" at the end. At this point, Pete brings in Diane's daughter Didi, and she's adorable, in a not-so-precious-that-you'd-want-to-smack-her way. Diane nervously asks if he still wants to get dinner. McManus regards her coldly. "No." Now, you have to realize, a lot of what we recappers write is hyperbole. I don't actually fall asleep while writing recaps, I've never actually stabbed myself in the eye, and I have never been fired, to the best of my knowledge. So know that I am telling you the God's honest truth when I tell you that when McManus did this, I yelled, "WHAT A FUCKING DICK!" at my computer. I cannot believe him. At least, at least, if you have to be such an ass to Diane, make it easier on the kid -- graciously say you're not feeling well or something. God. This scene reminds me of the part in You Can Count On Me when Mark Ruffalo is mad at Laura Linney and backs out of taking her son fishing, and she tries to talk him out of taking his anger at her out on the kid, but he won't budge, and she finally seethes, "You suck." Of course, Mark Ruffalo (a) changed his mind, and (b) at least DIDN'T HAVE THE CONVERSATION IN FRONT OF THE KID. I will tell you now, I hate McManus with the fire of a thousand suns, and nothing he does from this point will ever change that. The only thing I'll say for him is that I agree that Diane should have let Ross kill him, but only because that means we'd be free of his complete and utter suckitude forever. Wow, does he suck.

ANYWAY. Hill's playing solitaire in the laundry room when Busmalis and Rebadow enter. Busmalis spills some dirt on the floor, which leads Rebadow to confess about the tunnel-digging. They offer him a chance to come along, but Hill, surprisingly good-naturedly considering his recent failed brush with freedom, notes that they won't have handicapped access. He encourages them to go for it.

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