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Flashback to the half-naked Mexican standoff between Adebisi and Schibetta, then cut to Glynn's office, where Glynn accuses Schibetta of plotting to kill Adebisi. Schibetta's gotten a haircut, by the way, and I hope he tipped the barber, because his hair finally doesn't look like a giant Brillo pad. And since this barber is obviously a miracle worker, maybe he can attend to Beecher next. Glynn warns Schibetta that if Adebisi dies, he's coming after him, but Schibetta pooh-poohs him, saying that he's got Glynn in his pocket for eternity. He picks up a picture of Glynn and a man we'll soon learn is his brother, and muses that he likes Glynn because he's a family man. Glynn grabs the picture away, and Schibetta guesses they have nothing more to talk about, and you really have to be a little taller to sell this Godfather thing. Or in Brando's case, a little wider. Glynn looks like he wants to hit someone. Cut to him doing the next best thing, hitting a heavy bag. He's not even wearing wraps on his hands, and I'll tell you from experience, you have to have thrown an awful lot of punches to be able to do that without fucking up your wrists, so I'm thinking Ernie Hudson isn't to be trifled with. In other words, I hope he doesn't read my recaps.

Glynn's brother enters the prison. He enters Leo's office, and they hug. The brother judges from Glynn's expression that "some kind of shit has hit some sort of fan." Leo takes a deep breath and tells his bro that he can't keep protecting him from Schibetta. Brother Glynn says he didn't mean to kill anyone, as we flash back to him beating the shit out of some guy while a third dude, who looks gaunt and Eevil, as well as Italian, holds a gun on him. Gaunt Dude hands Brother Glynn the gun, and he shoots the hapless guy. Yeah, I'm not really seeing that whole "I didn't mean to" argument. It's sort of like when this friend of mine said she "accidentally" had sex with some guy. Everyone I know, including me: "What, she tripped and fell on his dick?" Leo tells Brother Glynn, whose name is apparently "Mark," that he has to turn himself in. Mark clarifies that the gaunt Italian ordered him to shoot the guy, although that wasn't clear from the flashback. He certainly didn't hesitate for very long, if at all. Anyway, Leo isn't moved. Mark cries as he accepts his fate, although I don't know why he has to turn himself in just because Leo says so. Maybe he's seen Leo hit the heavy bag too.

Kitchen. Adebisi tells Schibetta he spread rat poison around (hello, Continuity!). Schibetta says he should have used the traps. "Now the rats crawl into the fucking walls to die." So their skeletons will keep Cloutier company, then. After some back-and-forth that, not surprisingly, goes all Adebisi's way, Schibetta orders him to get him a chocolate bar. Oh, Petey, Petey, Petey. Didn't your mother tell you not to take candy from strangers? Is Adebisi not strange enough for you? When Adebisi goes on his little errand, Alvarez approaches him and says he's been thinking about his offer, and while he won't kill Schibetta, he'd still like to do business. He lets it spill that Schibetta has something on Glynn, and Glynn probably wouldn't mind if any harm came to him. Adebisi still thinks he can't get away with killing Schibetta, but Alvarez suggests slowing him down instead. If this were Queer As Folk U.S., we'd get a spotlight shot of the box of rat poison Adebisi's still holding, but thankfully, it's not. Although the sex scenes certainly have a lot in common. Adebisi regards the chocolate and the poison and tells Alvarez they "can tango." That, I'd like to see. Alvarez covers him as he poisons the chocolate.

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