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Neck and Neck

Ted and Grindia agree that they need to have an immediate discussion among the group. Ted gathers the tribe, because he's tired of the rumors and confusion. He explains again that when he awoke, "from some crazy reason in that position, I started grinding, um, Ghandia." Grinding Ghandia sounds like a great title for an indie flick. He says he -- would it be "ground"? -- her two or three times and then woke up and realized, "This isn't my wife." He tells the tribe that they discussed the incident, and he apologized. He says the meeting was "sparked" because Grindia claimed he was denying it. She blames Helen, and Ted responds, "I did not deny shit," and, "Well that's what you get for listening to other people." Grindia puts forth an "issue of clarification." If Ted knew he was making a mistake, why did he bite and kiss her shoulder, and rub her hair? He argues that he didn't, and she exclaims, "You was [sic] massaging my head!" She announces that she felt like he "was tryin' to get with [him]...for real." He says he doesn't need to get with her, and that he's not attracted to her. Grindia looks flummoxed -- which may be because she's astonished that he would go that low, or more likely because how could he not be attracted to her -- what with the sparkling personality and all. He then claims, after doing some figures in his head, that he's "150 to 200% percent" happy with the "wife that [he has]." And I'm sure she's delighted to hear that. He says, of his wife and daughter, "That's my fuckin' love!" After taking a deep breath, Grindia says she just wants him to be honest. She questions again whether he remembers the "love bites" and kisses, and says that she found his excuse disingenuous. He asks why she claimed to appreciate his honesty after the apology, using the word "disingenuous" incorrectly in the process. He says that if she didn't believe him, she should have questioned the apology immediately. Grindia responds that it's now "out on the table," and that they all understand what happened, and I obviously missed something. What with the hysterical laughter and all. Grindia and Ted suddenly agree that the problem has been resolved, and that they'll just go on from here. Grindia says it's "off" and over; Clay wants to go fishing. Ted apologizes to everyone for biting Grindia in the neck, and Brian proclaims it a new day. In an interview, Ted tells us that "drama is the cancer of any team," and that if it had continued, then the tribe would have been fractured. Mixed metaphor anyone? Judging by next week's previews, the drama appears to metastasize. Ted thinks they put a "Band-Aid" on the problem..."for now." Then it's time for the Red Berets to leave, and enter a Mark Burnett-sponsored counseling program regarding their newly acquired post-traumatic shock disorder.

Crabs scuttle, but don't make any little sandballs. A "gong!" brings us to Sook Jai, where Jake and Shii Devil retrieve a miniature gazebo-like figure from the treemail. The clue is about thinking and planning and moving and building, with a "golden spire" thrown in for poetic measure. Erin tells us that they initially didn't think they could have a stronger team, but now the majority of the group doesn't care if they win or lose. She says, "We're ready to get rid of some people." Tell me about it.

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