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At the challenge, Peachy takes the idol away from poor widdle PennyWenny. He explains that today's challenge is called "Temple Transfer" (oh, why do they name these things?); he says it's simple in its concept, but harder than it looks. It's a logic puzzle -- and I thought last week's challenge was the blind leading the blind. Each tribe has a temple comprised of six pieces. There are three platforms; the tribe must transfer their temple from Platform One to Platform Three using all three platforms. They can only move one piece at a time, and a larger piece can never be on a smaller piece. He says that it will take their "collective brain power" to solve the puzzle, which is an oxymoron. Ken will sit out for Sook Jai, and so will Penny, who's sad because someone took her dolly away.

The tribes are off and running, and it's Chuay Gahn's challenge from the start as Sook Jai knocks their temple off the platform and never quite recovers. Chuay Gahn works together, and doesn't appear to have any difficulties. It's a pretty common team-building puzzle (I saw it on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge just last season) so maybe they've done it before. Jan, for one, looks suspiciously capable. The members of Sook Jai stand around looking confused while Jed dispenses orders and flails around. Peachy points out that Chuay Gahn is making good progress, and although Sook Jai is yelling at themselves not to give up, clearly they have, since they're now taking instructions from Robb. As Chuay Gahn finishes, Robb mutters, "Bitches," under his breath, and for once he's not entirely off the mark. Ted thanks God -- because we've missed that so much this season -- and then the rest of the tribe joins in a chant. It sounds an awful lot like Clay is yelling "Need some rain! Need some rain!" As Peachy hands over the idol, he tells Chuay Gahn to "get a little feel of this for a change." As opposed to getting a "little feel of Grindia."

A bug hangs on the back of a leaf. Another strange-looking bug hangs out. Shii Devil brags in an interview that the logic puzzle was "so easy" that she could have done it in her sleep. Except the challenge was to do it while awake, and that threw her a bit. Actually, she says that neither she nor Jake bothered to step in. Robb says, "Bless her heart, dude. But Shii Ann just gets on my nerves!" In an interview, he says that the rest of the tribe has decided that Shii Devil is their weakest member. ["And by 'the rest of the tribe,' he means Stephanie and Jed, the only two members that can abide his company longer than five minutes." -- Wing Chun] He continues, "Poor girl just doesn't click," because it seems like she's trying too hard. Robb tells Ken that he thinks Shii Devil is a "good girl," but that she's also the weakest. In a spliced-in confessional, Ken says that they have "some lazies, "and some who hide it better than others. He complains that it's not that Jed's not valuable, he's just lazy. Ken then responds to Robb exactly the same: Jed's lazy, and it's pissed people off. He tells us of Jed, "It's different to be just lazy and not help us, but he's lazy and hurtin' us." Hee. Robb preens into his sunglass lenses and admires his tongue ring. Erin tells us that, with so many environmental factors working against them, they need unity. She says that certain people are a detriment, and that she'd rather just "get rid of them."

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