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Neck and Neck

Next week on Survivor the tribes get new members: dummies. They fit right in. Then Grindia promises to "shut that shit down." Most likely, she intends to pinch that shit's ass in the eye.

As the credits roll, Jed tells us he didn't see the ouster coming. He hopes the other members of the tribe will step back and enjoy Thailand, as well as the "awesomeness of the experience." We see that Erin, Penny, Jake, Ken, and Shii Devil (the "Dr. Jed" vote) voted for Jed. Jed voted for "Shii Ann;" Stephanie for "Shii," leaving Robb with the "S.A." vote. We don't actually see Robb's vote, though, because in his credits clip, he's still struggling with the two challenging letters. Also, Jed reveals that he thinks he got voted out because he's a threat, or because he rubbed people the wrong way. But to be clear -- not in the same wrong way that Ted rubs people.

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