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Neck and Neck

A racing sky brings us to a giant "X" in the water. Peachy welcomes the tribes to the challenge, and states that, as recently as the 1960s, the island was ruled by pirates who would "rob and steal" from passing boats. Aren't "rob" and "steal" synonymous? And what else would pirates do, anyway? Bake cookies and roller-skate? Peachy explains that the pirate theme ties in with the day's challenge: a race along the "X"-shaped bamboo course. Each tribe has a boat full of stocked baskets and boxes at either end of the course. Their goal is to "rob or steal" (again, that "rob" or "steal" thing) ten items from the other tribe's boat into their own, carrying one item at a time, with only two members from each tribe on the course. If they fall off, the item is lost and they have to start over again. At the center of the course is an "attack zone" wherein the S14 can "engage contact" with another player. Good stuff! They can try to push each other off the course and into the water-- and Peachy says this explicitly -- but only if both players are within the black area at the center of the course. If a player engages contact from outside the attack zone, then his/her item is turned over to the other team, and the offending player is kicked out of the game. Peachy asks if they want to see the reward, and hails a motorboat. The S14 get very excited, most likely because they think they're about to win the boat. But what they'll win is even better: twenty-four hours with two "Red Berets," members of the region's "high Special Forces" who are experts at living off the land. According to Peachy, the Red Berets can help the winning tribe improve their shelter, fix their boat, or "source every bit of edible food in [their] camp." They can also be used to wipe the tribe member's asses, and as fresh meat in nightly games of "I Never."

Sook Jai decides to sit out Jake and Erin; then Peachy starts them off, and the competitors begin tiptoeing along the bamboo posts. Clay is so sprightly, and is clearly fitter then he appears. Ted is the first to fall -- more flop than fall, truth be told -- and Peachy urges him back to the start. Clay then falls directly onto Ted. Brian tries to rescue Clay's box, but it's dead in the water, according to Peachy. Sook Jai quickly has two boxes where Chuay Gahn has none. Stephanie -- who looked pretty capable at first -- bites it. Ted -- who's probably way to large for this kind of balance challenge -- begins crawling along the posts instead. Peachy applauds his ingenuity. And suddenly, it's time for the first attack zone "showdown" between Ted and Robb. Robb taunts Ted: "Stand there and try to pump me, baby." Ted goes for Robb's legs and he flies off the post. So Robb loses his booty and has to start over again.

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