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Neck and Neck

Peachy says, "Thataway, Penny," as she wobbles along, which is exactly what people say to girls named Penny. Clay feels up Brian for love handles as they intersect on the course. At this point, it's 5-3 with Sook Jai in the lead, and Shii Devil approaches the attack zone opposite Brian. She asks her tribe, "You want me to push him in?" and Ken and the others yell at her to "Rush him!" and "Bring him in the water with you!" They do not, however, yell "Sweep the leg," and Brian fails to assume Ralph Macchio stance. Shii Ann looks concerned and hunches into a visibly half-hearted attack position before Brian easily tosses her in the drink. Robb is pissed off, which is ironic since he's the only other member of the tribe to have been bested thus far.

The game continues along until Sook Jai has seven baskets while Chuay Gahn has only four. Brian and Ken come up against each other in the zone, and Ken takes him out. Is anyone playing for Chuay Gahn at this point besides Ted and Brian? Ken then remains near the zone while Helen charges him. She pretty much bounces off him into the water, but it's declared a victory for Chuay Gahn by Peachy, because Ken wasn't in the zone when the initial contact was made, even though it appeared that Helen ran into him. So, Ken's out of the game, and the other tribe gets a Sook Jai basket, bringing the score to 7-5. Robb achieves non-nudity related pixelation by flipping off the other tribe, and then Peachy warns them not to "get too cute in that attack zone."

Robb and Clay face off next. Robb stands just outside the zone, and as Clay attempts to maneuver around him, Robb busts out the chokehold. Seriously, there's no better word for what he's doing than "strangulation." Clay makes surprised gagging noises until Robb carelessly shoves him off the bamboo. And is this Survivor, or Springervivor? This moment, incidentally, is so priceless, it merited slow-motion camera work, not to mention repeated VCR play in the case of one particular recapper. Peachy emphatically yells, "No, no, no!" during the throttling, but Robb ignores him, caught in the kill. Clay's team doesn't appear to be worried about him, but they are concerned that Robb wasn't properly positioned. Peachy tries to maintain his Peachy cool, but sounds astonished as he says, "Robb, you were not in the attack zone when you...grabbed Clay around the throat." Clay surfaces looking confused, and Robb gets kicked out, but not before another Sook Jai basket gets bounced to the other tribe. Robb swims off muttering, "Bunch of little whiny babies!" and the score is tied 6-6. Peachy admonishes Sook Jai for "self-destructing," and really -- talk about losing a challenge.

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