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Neck and Neck

Grindia tells Jan (who is having some problems keeping her suit on her ass) and Helen, "I wanna tell you something else." What she wants to tell them is that the previous night, Ted was "on [her]" while she was sleeping. Helen "right"s and "mm hmm"s as Grindia tries to explain despite the constant interrupting affirmations. They agree that it wasn't "cool." Grindia talks again about feeling like a "piece of trash"; she thinks she needs to stick with the women. In an interview, she explains that she accepted Ted's apology to his face, but retrospectively decided that his excuse was "a little bit disingenuous...a lot disingenuous." She repeats that when Ted asks if he could hold her, she agreed because it comforted her. Helen thinks Grindia went along with the uncomfortable snuggling because she didn't want to admit she couldn't handle the situation because "it makes you look bad." That's so Helen. Grindia says in an interview that she started telling the others because she felt they should know. She also admits to being "a little hard on [Ted]" in retelling the story to the others. We then see her telling Helen that Ted was biting her -- "like sexy biting" -- while Jan looks on, confused. Grindia complains that Ted's wife just had a baby, and that he was still "bumpin' all up in [Grindia's] ass." In an interview, Grindia says that every part of the story was true, and that she only left out the part when he apologized. Because that's not relevant or anything.

Close-up of a fiddling crab on the beach. The crab appears to be making perfect little balls out of the sand. The camera then pulls back to reveal a big pile of perfect little sandballs, and back further to reveal a whole host of crabs making mountains of perfect little sandballs. It's curious, in a disgusting sort of way, so if you know what that's all about, drop me an email. Then the first crab gets sucked -- perfect little sandball-less -- into a hole. The Sook Jai tribe sleeps blissfully, so we know they're in for some trouble. Jed tells us that he had "delegated [his] duties" prior to his "little nap," but that when he awoke, there was no "fishnet to be found." He and Robb look for it as Jed tells us that whoever was responsible "just didn't delegate off duties" and let it drift away. He's kind of obsessed with the whole duty delegation thing. In an overexcited interview, Robb explains that they thought leaving the net out would enable them to catch more fish, and that he blames the "damn net" for floating away. Robb would clearly be the first of the S16 to go all Alive out there. He's just looking for an excuse, really. Erin bounces around the camp, and she is so getting a centerfold. The girls return to camp talking about food, and Jake is there to share the "great news." The girls are dismayed, and in an interview Shii Devil tells us that "those boys" took the net out and said, "We're gonna leave it out in the ocean for hours and hours!" She tells us that the fishing net "went bye-bye" because Jed was "unwilling to get up" from his nap. As Jed and Robb continue to search for the net, the camera pulls back and reveals the net floating just beyond where they stand. Hee. The cameramen must have been trying very hard not to laugh.

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