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Crazy On A Ship Of Fools

Treat's Office of Boring Colin Talk. He's telling the Harts that he knows it's difficult facing another surgery, but the alternative isn't very promising. Mommy and Daddy Hart try to say that maybe surgery isn't necessary, that the "thrombus" will break up naturally, like the smaller one did. Colin sits between them, because he's five years old. Treat says that's not a real possibility, and that they need to trust him, or someone, to fix it soon. Colin tells him no. He says he doesn't have it in him to go through surgery and rehab again. Treat tells him he could die. Colin says he could die either way, and he'll take his chances. No you won't. I've seen next week's previews. Treat stares, and Colin says he's going to wait in the car. Treat tells the Harts that they're going to have to explain to him. Daddy Hart says they can't do a better job of explaining than Treat did, and that "it's in God's hands now." Praise Jesus! Hallelujah! Have you accepted the Almighty Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? I thought so.

Brown House. Ephram and Delia are playing some crazy video game. Ephram finishes his turn and passes the controller to Delia, coaching her on what to do. Aw. Treat walks in and asks Ephram if this is his idea of studying. Ephram says he was just taking a break. Treat says, "I thought I told you this game was too violent for Delia." Delia says, "It's okay, Dad. It's not real dying." Heh. Treat tells Ephram he has to go on the lake trip with him and Irv. Ephram says he ain't going. Treat tells Delia she's going to stay with Nina, and Ephram is going because he just proved that he can't be responsible enough to study without supervision. Ephram says he was JUST going to study. Treat says it's too late. Ephram stalks off. Delia: "Die, you scum! DIE!!!"

Nina's House of Sneaky Feenys. She's in bed, and Shutup Carl asks her what she wants for breakfast. He tells her he'll take care of everything, and Nina says that sounds good to her. Shutup Carl leaves for breakfast. Nina smiles to herself and gets up. She hums. She's happy! Nothing can bring her down! No way would anyone think that something bad might be about to happen! So we are all very surprised when Nina goes to put up her husband's jeans, and a condom falls out of the pocket. Nina picks it up and stares at it. She makes a little noise of sadness. Commercials.

Cabin on the lake. It's beautiful. Purple mountain majesties, fruited plains, and whatnot. Irv, Ephram, and Treat get out of the truck and grab their bags. Treat tells Ephram to smell the fresh air. Ephram says he could have stayed home and huffed Pine-Sol. Do kids do that these days? Ephram wants to take out the boat, but Treat tells him he has to study. Ephram declares it a hostage situation. Treat says maybe they can come back some other time, when Ephram doesn't have finals. Ephram: "Like hell." Man. That would have garnered my smart little ass a nice week in my room.

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