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Low Fidelity

Sometime later, Cameron takes her turn administering the drug. Now, whose bright idea was it to let her do anything so potentially dangerous? The guy who created that arsenic sleeping sickness medicine? Every time Cameron gives Elyce medicine, the poor woman either hallucinates bugs or forgets what time it is and goes into a deep coma! Cameron and her "I don't know" theory of bedside manner tell Ed that the fact that Elyce didn't haul off and die since the treatment started is a "good sign." Yeah, no shit, Sherlock('s wannabe girlfriend). African sleeping sickness or no, it's ALWAYS a "good sign" when you don't fall off this moral coil. Ed asks whether Elyce knows he's there. "I don't know," Cameron says. As long as difficult questions aren't related to medicine and are related to her own personal Issues, Cameron has an answer. She says Elyce knows that Ed is "always" there for her. Except for the time she cheated on him, Ed says. Whoops! Cameron gets all mad that Ed would dare to be upset at his wife's indiscretions, saying that Elyce just "made a mistake." Except that Cameron doesn't know that, does she? For all we know, Elyce has been having a long-term affair with Ed's jogger buddy and would have left Ed next week if this whole coma thing hadn't messed with her plans. Ed says there's a big part of him that can't handle having a cheating wife. And that part of him kind of wouldn't mind if Elyce died. Ha ha, Cameron! Look what your little true love happily ever after story turned into now! She gathers up her glass syringes of plastic-melting medicine and moves to leave the room, and Ed asks if this makes him a terrible person. I was totally expecting Cameron to say the predictable "it makes you human" response, but instead she says "yes." Holy crap! That would have been really cool if it wasn't so WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE. Seriously, Cameron needs to learn a few lessons from her boss and stop being around people if this is how she's going to behave.

Wilson comes back to recap the first three-quarters of the show for us, saying that House is treating Elyce for sleeping sickness because he doesn't think it's possible for a couple to stay faithful. House says that Wilson is going to break something if he continues to throw stones in that glass house of his. Wilson says it was only a work lunch, and that he loves his wife. House says he's sure Wilson loves his wife, just like House loved "all" his wives, and the women he was with who didn't actually make it to the altar. Wilson calls House a "jerk." Ooooh, shot to the heart! House says he's a jerk, and Wilson is the "good guy." And as long as he's the good guy, he can do whatever he wants. Wilson says that being a jerk allows House to say whatever he wants. House says that together, the two of them together can "rule the world!" Sounds like a proposition to me, but Wilson just rolls his eyes and walks away.

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