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Low Fidelity

Cameron and Foreman tell the A-plot patient that they're going to do another MRI to find the tumor they believe she has. Elyce is kinda bummed about the brain cancer news. "Don't worry," her husband says. "Too late," she answers as tears fall down her cheeks. Aw.

Cameron instructs Elyce to remain as still as possible as Foreman injects what I'm guessing is gallium into her IV line. Then she's wheeled into the MRI tube of DEATH. Hope it works out this time!

House and Wilson exit the very appropriately-named "Exam Room" as Boobs puts her robe back on. Except that she's still putting it on when they open the door, meaning that just about anyone in the Clinic could get a peek at her goodies. I'm guessing she doesn't mind that too much, though. Wilson isn't as impressed with the preschool teacher's set as House was. I guess he's not a Tits 'N Ass man. He always struck me as more of a Beard 'N Limp guy anyway. House uses the patient's fake boobs as a segue into a philosophical argument about lying. Is a lie a lie if everyone knows it's a lie? Do people have cosmetic surgery to change how others seen them, or how they see themselves? And why is Wilson wearing a fancy new tie today after wearing the same five boring ties for the last three weeks? Up until this point, the homoerotic vibe I got from those two was that Wilson was interested, but House was not. But I've never known a straight man who paid such close attention to his own ties, let alone those of his best friend's. I guess it takes two to tango, even if one person's bum leg makes tangoing a bit tricky. The flirtatious fun is ruined when Cuddy walks up, asking if the reason that two department heads had to check out a standard shortness-of-breath complaint has anything to do with the complainant's huge boobies. House tells a nearby nurse to run some tests and blood work on the patient. "You're ordering tests to cover your lechery? Interesting," Cuddy says. Seriously, what does it take to get fired from this place?

Back with the small-boobed A-patient, Foreman says they didn't find anything on the MRI. Ed starts to flip out, asking why it's taking them so long to figure out what is wrong with his wife. Cameron's response is an "I know you're scared. I would be, too," which can't do a whole lot to make anyone feel better. In fact, Elyce announces that she suddenly feels much worse, and has a seizure. I blame Cameron for this. Elyce flops around like a dying fish, and I can't believe House didn't take the fastest elevator up there so he could check out all the hot boob-jigglin' seizure action, since that is so important to him this week.

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