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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Chloe hands Clark a file on the Weather Girls. She says they were all caught in some freak storm during the last meteor shower. It was really freaky. Clark asks why they're turning on each other over a crown. Chloe, addressing the news clips she just handed Clark, says they've been traipsing all over the Midwest. We see a newspaper headline about mud wrestling (why couldn't this episode have been about that?!) and one about ring girls for a prize fight. Chloe says her personal favorite is the one where they were Oktoberfest maidkins. Hey, I love that one, too! Go sausage and beer! She says that every time they show up somewhere, there's a heist. Chloe says it's perfect; who would suspect vapid eye candy of being "white-trash cat burglars?" I know I've been calling them the Bitches' Brigade, but saying they're "white trash" is going too damn far! For shame. Clark says they're after the map. Chloe says it'll lead them to the treasure. Treasure? Who says "treasure" these days? What is this, a pirate ride? Chloe says there are supposed to be tons of gold bars buried. I'd settle for a Toblerone. Have I mentioned lately how goddamned delicious a Toblerone bar is? If it weren't for their deleterious effect on my shape, I could eat one of those bad boys every day for the rest of my life. At least while I still have teeth. Chloe says those gold bars could be the motherlode of all buried booty. I thought that was Anna Nicole Smith. Chloe and Clark are grimly satisfied that they have a motive for these grisly acts.

Backstage at The Talon. Kara tries to make herself pretty. It's not hard. The two thieves are waiting for her. In skimpy lingerie. I think I have dreamed what happens next. They act nice to her all of a sudden. Kara brings up their previous dissing and says that maybe it's true that she doesn't belong here. One of the girls says she's sorry she was so harsh; she says it was before she knew Kara was special. They say she's a talented girl. They start working her up with lipstick and telling her that she has powers just like them. Kara asks how they have powers. Brunette says they were in the right place at the right time during the last meteor shower. They say she's not alone and that they need her. Annoying crap rock won't stop playing in the background. The girls mention the treasure hunt. They show Kara an old photo of some dudes in a tent, surrounded by delicious non-Toblerone gold bars. Kara notices a Kryptonian crystal hanging out in the corner of the photo. She's in! This music is burning holes in my ears. I mean, second holes.

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