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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Commercials. Subway. Do they still make sandwiches? I thought by now they would have expanded into mass transit.

A siren wails near the site of the Town Podium. There's a mess of crap and papers all around it. How dare someone defile the Smallville Podium! Next they'll go after the statue of Jebediah Springfield! The Bitches of the Brigade, wearing leather, see that Kara has already double-crossed them. Wow, we miss a lot during the commercials.

Talon. The pageant is on! Clark walks in, not having time for all the boobies on stage. Kara walks down the runway, wearing the same red bikini. Wow, the fifth girl is totally hotter than any of the other contestants. And with that, I've totally fallen for Al and Miles's trap. Forgive me. I am but a man. The Bitches are the last two whose names are called, and they overdo it with the model poses. Boooo! Miss Sweet Corn will be announced soon. Clark squints at the stage. It's hard containing all this eyejaculate!

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. Apparently, Lex and Agent Carter are continuing a conversation they started days ago. Lex is explaining that the woman in the sketch is someone who saved him. Not just from drowning, but from drowning in his evil ways. Well, she just really fucked the show up then, didn't she? Maybe she should stick to pageants. Carter finally gets it. "Oh. An angel," he says. Yeah, we have a bunch of those in cold storage in a warehouse, next to the Ark of the Covenant. Lex says that no mortal woman pulled him from the river, so he says Carter can stop looking for her, since she doesn't exist. Lex says he can help Carter focus on the real target: the spaceship. Lex offers his research from the dam, which his about 300 gigabytes. Doesn't seem like that much, to be truthful. Lex hands over a hard drive. He says his work was to prevent some calamity he fears is inevitable. Carter asks why Lex would incriminate himself by offering this research. Lex says he feels it's time to reach out to the government for help. Lex asks if they're on the same side. Carter just walks away.

Crowning time. Which, I have learned, also happens during birth. All the lay-days are in their formal gowns. Clark is still just standing there watching, surely blocking someone's view. The new Miss Sweet Corn is...Kara Kent! No way! She gets the crown and the sash to go over her baby blue dress. The Old Miss Sweet Corn, the girl from the flyer, hands her a giant bouquet of flowers that includes a giant sunflower. Kara thanks everyone for making a newcomer feel welcome. By ogling her body. The sheriff comes out right then, telling everyone to stay seated. Wow, that's really tacky to try to arrest someone right when they're getting the award. The sheriff, assisted by two deputies, tells Kara to come with them. He says they were tipped off by Kara's friends. He handcuffs her. "Kara Kent, you're under arrest." Drama! Clark keeps standing there, doing important work as a witness.

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