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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Jail. Hey, this was Lex's old cell. Wonder if he left any interesting posters or hairs behind. Kara immediately sets to bending the bars for her escape, but Clark is right there to push her hands and make them go back to normal. Clark, angry, asks her what she was thinking breaking into the time capsule. That she'd find some exceptionally bad salt water taffy? Kara tells Clark that the treasure from the map is Kryptonian. Clark spins on Chloe, like, "What did she just say to me!?" Clark asks why Kara wouldn't tell him. Kara goes on a rant about Clark's patronizing watermelon tutorial, his reprimands, and his general disinterest in everything she's done. Clark asks her where the treasure is. Kara offers to show him and starts to take apart the bars again. "Nooo!" Clark yelps. Ha. Clark asks her to give him the map. Kara says she can't do that, because when they were taking her away, there was a freak gust of wind (those pesky freaks!) that blew the map away. Chloe is sure it was one of the Weather Girls. She asks Kara to tell them what she saw on the map.

Cut to a view of the map. The Bitches are looking for the treasure, but having no luck. They're digging in a parking lot without anyone noticing. They found a small box, but no gold. They open the box and pull out a small Kryptonian crest. It's blue. "That's it?" one of them says. Yep. That's this episode for ya. Clark is there. "That doesn't belong to you," he says. The girls say it does now. They make a tornado come out of the hole in the ground. It spins and spins. Kryptonite rocks swirl out and fly toward Clark. He falls on his side, hilariously. Seriously, this is a damned funny fall. He lies there, groaning. One of the Weather Girls puts a high-heeled boot on Clark's chest and says he's not as tough as he talks. "But I am!" Kara says. She smacks one of the girls, who goes flying into some trash. All right, this was even funnier than Clark's fall. I think I saw some wires. The other Bitch looks over with interest, but doesn't act. Kara hovers over and does a somersault kick, very Chun Li. Oh, this episode just gets funnier and funnier. This was the easiest fight ever! The other Weather Girl goes flying, probably with spinal damage. Kara tries to go to Clark, but he warns her to stay away because the rocks could kill her. Kara eyejaculates at the rock and makes it explode. Great, now Clark has meteor rock in his fucking eyes. Thanks a lot, cuz. In the strangely inconsistent world of this show, however, the million pieces of Kryptonite harmlessly disappear. Clark gets up. He should be bleeding out of every orifice right now. Kara hugs him and apologizes for not listening. Clark thanks her for not listening. He says Kara saved him. He adds that it's not how he would have done it, but she needs to learn her abilities her own way. She asks if that means he'll stop telling her what to do. No. That's not gonna happen. Clark says that's what family is for. Big grin. Timpani.

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