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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Commercials. Applebee's. We will fry any damned thing that you are willing to eat.

Kent Farm. The Barnness of Epilogueitude. Clark is holding the shiny little crest. He says it can't be from Kara's ship, since it was buried a hundred years ago. Clark doesn't recognize the symbol, either. He thinks it's a code. Kara sighs. She says it's some sort of S.O.S. She thinks the Kryptonian who had the symbol must still be on Earth. Clark asks how many Kryptonians have been on this planet. Kara thinks maybe Earth might play a bigger role in their fathers' plans than she realized. Kara says she'll be trying to fit in while they find this person. She holds up a Talon apron she'll be wearing in her new coffee-slinging job. Ugh. The coffeehouse rite of passage. Kara says she won't be living her life in suffocating repression like Clark has. Clark repeats the phrase. "Hey, it's your language, I just studied it," she says. Clark says, "Our language. You're one of us now." Kara reminds Clark that he's not human and he never will be. Clark says this is his home and everyone he loves is here. She asks what'll happen in fifty years when everybody he loves is gone. She tells him that hiding on the farm and growing old with Lana isn't going to happen. She goes down the stairs.

LuthorCorp. Lex is at his desk, still staring at his sketch. His major domo comes in. Lex asks what he's got. "We found her," the man says. "Just where you said she would be." Slinging coffee?

Talon. Nighttime. Jimmy and Chloe are walking, hand-in-hand. He congratulates her for getting on the front page. She's just glad they saved Jimmy from the frozen-food aisle. Jimmy mock-shivers. As they're about to walk upstairs to Chloe's apartment, Jimmy stops her and says he used to think she was prejudiced and quick to rush to judgment. Uh, thanks? He didn't used to believe her theories about Smallville. But now he thinks she's right about meteor freaks. He says sooner or later, they all snap. Chloe looks grim. Jimmy says it's open season on the infected from now on. Chloe tries to smile. She turns around and sees Kara, who is picking up her bag from the pageant stage. Jimmy stares at Kara with his lovestruck eyes. Chloe turns and sees the look. Jimmy is so busted. He says, "Why don't we go upstairs?" He's got a raging hard-on all of a sudden. Yeah, let's just see how long this relationship lasts.

Harvest Festival. Clark and Lana are walking together. In public. And not being mobbed by paparazzi. I guess Lana went public with Chloe. Lana says it feels good to be back despite everything that's happened. Lana says she was afraid Clark wouldn't forgive her for marrying Lex. Or for leaving. Can we just skip this? Please? Jeez. Clark says nothing could ever change the way he feels about her. He says he's made mistakes. She corrects that they've both made mistakes. This show has made mistakes. Lana says this is their chance to start over. Clark sighs. He hopes she knows what she's getting into. Lana says she knows exactly what that is. She says she came back for Clark. "For us. I never want to let the past come between us," she says. Lana says she wants them to wake up every morning and be there for each other. She puts her hands on Clark's face. "I want to grow old together," she says. Er, about that... Clark just smiles.

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