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You Better Work It, Supergirl

A nice song is playing that I actually like. Kara is closing the door behind her in the alley behind The Talon. "Tell me it's not too late for a cappuccino," Lex says, appearing creepily. Why not try the front door then? Kara says they're closed. "Even for the owner?" Lex asks. Kara says that technically she doesn't work there until the next day. She says she came to pick up a bag she left. So this is happening right after the Jimmy/Chloe scene. Lex thanks Kara for saving his life. "I know it was you. At the river?" he asks. Kara walks away and says he has her confused for someone else. Lex reminds her that she ripped the roof off his car. Wasn't it a police car? Kara tries to play it off. "You were there," Lex says, sternly. He's getting annoyed. He says it's all right and that he promises not to tell anyone. Lex says her secret is safe and that he's already protected it like he would have protected other secrets if people close to him had told him the truth. Lex says he's hoping to change that and he just needs her to be honest. Kara shakes her head and says the only secret she has is that she makes a lousy cappuccino. She says that's probably not a good thing to confess to a new boss. She walks away. Lex stops her, saying that twice he's been pulled back from the brink of death by a member of the Kent family. Lex says he doesn't believe in coincidences. "Sooner or later I'll find out the truth," Lex says, "are you a savior? Or are you a warning?" Kara just stares at him. She has to think about that. We go to black.

Next week: Dean Cain! Evil Dean Cain!

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