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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Just then, Boy Editor appears, talking on his cell phone. He's telling someone named "L" (Lois) that he's not sure a Judas Priest reunion concert at Madison Square Garden counts toward her per diem. You could expense it on your taxes, but that would be BREAKIN' THE LAW, BREAKIN' THE LAW! Oh man, I just had the most awesome moment. Jimmy mouths "'L'?" to Chloe. Chloe rolls her eyes. Boy Editor tells Lois to email her story and that they'll talk about Rwanda when she gets back. Rwanda? The Hell? Boy Editor notices the photo that Jimmy was holding. "Whoa, frosted beauty queen! Not bad, Sullivan!" he bellows. Boy Editor is totally excited and thinks he's the one responsible for lighting a fire under Chloe. Jimmy introduces himself. "Right. Panda boy!" Boy Editor says. Er, polar bear, Jimmy corrects. Polar bear boy? Is that much better? "Listen. Chloester," Boy Editor begins, and he tells her to get down to Smallville and to take Panda Boy with her. He says that if she gets the scoop before any other paper, she might follow in her cousin's footsteps. You mean to tell me that the Smallville Ledger won't already be all over this? Boy Editor walks away. These are bad times in journalism. Chloe picks up a stapler and asks how much blunt trauma it might cause to the back of his head. Jimmy tells "Chloester" to show him what she's got. So Chloe's mad that her editor assigned her to a juicy story? Oh, Chloe. Did you and Lex both get mind-whammied or something? Jimmy tells Chloe that now's her chance to step out of the shadow of Lois, who's grabbing all the glory. Grabbing all the glory? She was working for a tabloid last week? My God. Everything has just turned to shit, hasn't it? Jimmy asks if Chloe is going to let her cousin beat her out of the basement. Chloe takes another look at the photo. Lots of reaction shots. Filler, filler, filler.

Kent home. Clark is in the kitchen with Lana. He tells her that now he knows what his mom and dad felt raising a kid with powers. Lana says he turned out well. "Well" is a relative term. She thinks Clark should maybe go easy on Kara. Clark says that she's new to town and doesn't understand what could happen if her secret gets out. He thinks she's a fireball away from blowing up the whole town. Now that would be worth watching. Lana sympathizes that Clark has had to hide his whole life. "No, adjusting," he corrects. Oh, Clark used to whine all the time that he wasn't able to be himself in public. Lana says that Clark's parents trusted him to figure things out on his own (they really didn't); she thinks Kara deserves that same chance. Yeah, let her discover crack, red Kryptonite and white slavery. It'll be fun! Lana tells Clark not to be too hard on himself; she says he probably won't ever understand the heart of a teenaged girl. Except that Clark is practically a teenaged girl himself. Clark says he never imagined having this conversation with Lana about his powers. Clark says he can't believe he didn't think Lana would understand. She says Clark didn't know her as well as he thought he did. Can we...please...just...move on? Please? God. Am I gonna have to say another prayer?

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