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You Better Work It, Supergirl

The Talon. Reanimated Jackie O. (with pearls, even!) is trying to choreograph the ghastliest pageant stage show since the year they all were doing the dance from "Thriller." All the girls are wearing normal dance gear. Kara, on the other hand, is wearing huge red leggings, a tiny powder blue skirt, and an unfortunate, fugly blue and red leotard top. I can't even fully describe it because it burns my fucking eyes to see it directly. They're doing some kind of freaky line dance, these contestants. Spirit fingers, girls! They're given a five-minute break after doing nothing more strenuous than turning their heads to the left. Kara is all smiles. Jimmy is there, taking a bunch of photos of her. Just her. It's...uh...not too subtle. He waves. Chloe who?

As Jimmy keeps taking pictures, the new sheriff talks to the pageant director about the dead girl. Jimmy keeps taking photos. He can see the two surviving Bitches' Brigade members looking worried. The pageant director says the three girls entered the pageant at the last minute. She says she doesn't know anything else about the dead girl.

Backstage. The two contestants talk. The girl with the giant hoop earrings asks what else was she supposed to do when the other girl wanted out of the group. Let her go, maybe? She thinks they should just hit the time capsule and go home. Isn't the whole point of the time capsule that it has a map to some treasure? The other girl says they need to do this pageant, because it's the perfect distraction. She wants to stick to the plan. Jimmy takes another photo of them. They get so annoyed that Stick To The Plan tells Murderess to "Do your thing."

Outside, Jimmy is getting into his car. He's calling Chloe, who was supposed to meet him. They didn't drive together? What's up with that? Jimmy says he's got a major lead. Just then, the vents of his air conditioning fill up with frost. The whole car gets very cold. Instead of getting out of the car, Jimmy tries to adjust the air. Everything gets icy around him. Jimmy himself becomes a Jimmy Pop. The door handle breaks off as he tries to escape. It's cold! Jimmy huffs and puffs. In the rearview, he can see the evil contestant. She had her hand on the trunk of the car. Then she takes off. Jimmy, cold as ice, tries to reach the other door handle. And then, it's Kara to the rescue. She rips off the car door. Evil Weather Girl watches Kara. She's like, "Oh, SNAP!"

Commercials. We Own The Night. Could I borrow Friday, please?

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