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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Kent Farm. Lex enters through the back door. As is his wont. He finds Lana sitting at the dining room table. Lex says he got her message. He says it would have been a little awkward if she'd come to the mansion. It's less awkward to have to meet her at her ex-boyfriend's house? God, Lex, grow a fucking pair already. Lex tries to take a chair, and Lana snaps, "Don't sit down. You won't be staying long." She invited him over. Let's just remember that. Lex says this isn't a conversation he's been looking forward to having. He says he wasn't ready. Lana reminds him that he promised to take care of everything and that she could come back to Smallville. Lex says that the D.A. has, with some persuasion, agreed to drop the charges against Lana and that the evidence has been destroyed. He says the felon who was bribed by Papa Luthor to confess to the crime died of natural causes. Wait. What crime? Lana's still alive. There was no murder. Lex says she's a free woman.

Lana, bathed in holy light, just sits there. Lex asks if Lana might not see that every horrible thing he did was because he truly does love her. She's sitting in her boyfriend's house. What do you think? "No," Lana says, "you can't ask that." Lana walks to the door to try to get Lex to leave. He tells her that his lawyer is drawing up the settlement. Lana says she doesn't want his money. He asks if that also includes the $10 million she skillfully siphoned out from under him. Busted! Lana says she was trying to escape. To her own island? Lex says he applauds her (why, exactly?). He says that not everybody could manage a coup like that. There's a coup in my stomach over this scene. Lex says he's not sure Clark would see things that way. Lex mentions Clark's cousin. "From Minnesota," Lana says. He says he looks forward to meeting her. Lana watches him go.

Smallville Medical Center. Jimmy is in a hospital bed. Kara is watching him through the window. Chloe and Clark show up. Oh, nice of you to join us, Chloe. Were there some interesting stories you had to write on the way? Chloe thanks Kara for calling them. Does Kara have a cell phone already? Clark says he saw the door she ripped off. He asks if anyone saw her do that. Kara, pissed, asks if Clark thinks she screwed up just like he expected. Kara says she was trying to save Jimmy's life. She thought Clark would be proud. And then she walks off. Chloe sides with Kara on this one. Would you side with her if you saw Jimmy giving her the Penis Eye? Clark, who showed up at the same time as Chloe, somehow knows that Jimmy only suffered a little hypothermia before she does. "I know," Chloe says. Clark was talking to us. She says she hopes the sun is shining when he feels better.

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