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they go off and do anything crazy. Hannah says there has been a lot of crazy going on in Everwood recently. Amy: "I know! And you are keeping me sane. I don't like Ephram, and you are totally helping me see that. Thank you!" She leaves happily, which is when Hannah remembers the ring she has stashed on her person. "Oh, NO," she says to herself, just as...

...Treat is looking at the bare spot on his dresser where the ring used to be. There is also about an inch of dust around the spot where the ring was sitting, which means that either Everwood has a major dust problem, or Treat needs to fire his maid.

Ephram and Stephergie are shopping for Delia's present in a jewelry store. Ephram says they need to hurry up and get out of there, because he's breaking out in hives. Steph: "Oh, you don't need to pretend with me, Ephram. I know you read Lucky." A man after my own heart. I bet he uses the little stickers, too. His phone rings, and of course it's Treat, freaking out about the ring. Ephram calmly says he probably just misplaced it, and he'll help him look for it when he gets home. Did you ever think this day would come, when Treat and Ephram would get along so well? Yeah, neither did I, and now it's over FOREVER. Just a friendly reminder. Ephram tells Stephergie that Treat is losing his mind. Stephergie says she loves his dad -- he's nice, and he's funny. Aw, see? Ephram: "Promise me right now you will never tell him you think he's funny. Trust me, it's for your own good; he'll start testing out material on you." Ha! Stephergie tells him that his house is a lot better than most people's, and plus it's got really great snacks. Ephram can't believe she's blatantly using him like this for pudding. He gives her a little smile, and says he can't believe he hasn't done or said anything stupid yet, like accidentally tripped her. Stephergie says she has something really, really bad to tell him, then kisses him and says, "I think you're great. And don't worry about tripping me. I've got excellent balance." Lord. I want to hate her so much, but I can't, and it's making me really uncomfortable.

Abbott House! The whole family is having breakfast together, which is so nice to see, and which we'll never see again (FOREVER). Bright slathers jelly on his toast with a spoon, which is awesome, and asks when Hannah is moving into his room. Everyone looks at him all crazy, and he says he's just curious. Amy: "Birght, promise me you won't be a freak about this." Bright doesn't EVEN know what she's talking about. Amy says they've both been through a lot, and he can't just keep hanging around here, acting like he acts, because then she'll have feelings for him again. "Which, by the WAY, is the LAST THING that is supposed to HAPPEN when you BREAK UP WITH SOMEBODY!" Hee! Amy Abbott, ladies and gentlemen. That was almost as good a dinner-table freakout as when she was never going to be finished with the salt, and I thank the boards for reminding me of that one. Patch, his ever-present napkin tucked under his collar, stares at his strange children, then tells Bright to go get the paper. Bright trudges out as Amy gives us the gift of one of her famous pouts.

Bright opens the door and finds, not just the paper, but Cathy's baby in her carseat on the doorstep, along with a letter addressed to "Dr. Abbott." You cannot be serious. Bright stares down at the baby. "What the...? Mom, Dad! You better come see this." He picks up the baby and then looks around the yard, as if Cathy will be there peeking out from behind the hydrangeas. "Oh, don't mind me! Just making sure the abandonment is going smoothly!" Lord have mercy. Commercials.

When we get back, Patch is reading Cathy's letter to the fam while Rose comforts the baby (and herself). The letter reads, "I know in my heart that you'll take good care of Lily. Everyone will be better off this way. Thank you and I'm sorry, Cathy." Wow, a schizophrenic of few words, that girl. Patch explains to the kids that Cathy is a patient of his. Bright asks if that's even allowed, for her to give Patch her baby. Amy: "Of course not, IDIOT." Bright: "Well, it kind of looks like it is, there's a baby here, isn't there?" Heh. Rose tells her children to shut it and cuddles the baby some more. Oh, Rose is so in trouble. Patch says he's going to try to find Cathy and talk to her. Rose tells Amy to go to the store and get all the baby things they'll need. Bright's eyes widen. "What, are you gonna keep it?" Rose says they are, for now, because someone has to take care of the child (and by "now," she means "FOREVER...and EVER...and EVER!").

Dimples is in Hannah's room, getting ready to bring her boxes down, when he happens upon the ring box she's prominently displayed on her dresser. Hannah is a really bad criminal. Dimples opens it up, then runs downstairs, all, "I found this in Hannah's room. Oh my God, we have to talk to her and tell her what a huge mistake this would be, and besides, how can Bright afford a ring, does he even have a job, you should see the size of this thing!" He starts to open it, but Nina stops him. "I don't want to see it." She confesses that it's not Hannah's ring; it's hers, kind of. Dimples is confused, so Nina then confesses that it's from Treat, but it's not what he thinks. Dimples: "It's an engagement ring from Andy. It's probably pretty close to what I think." Nina then has to explain what it's doing in her house, considering Treat never gave it to her, so can they just... "...just table it, for now?" Dimples spits. "Yeah, sure, why not. I'll take it back for you." Aw, shit! Nina just stands there and once again lets the two men in her life handle all her problems.

Dimples walks into Treat's house with a small box. Treat asks how the packing's going. Dimples is all, "Great, almost done. We found a few things of yours. Hmm, here's a frying pan, and a curling iron of Delia's, and oh, you probably want this back too." He slams the ring box down on the table. Treat's like, "Huh, I've been looking for that. Where'd you find it?" Hee. Dimples asks if that's really what he wants to talk about right now, because he was thinking of starting with why he bought his girlfriend an engagement ring. Treat says he never gave it to her, and Dimples says he's not sure that's the point. Treat: "It is the point. As long as you and Nina were together I had no intention of ever giving her that ring. It has nothing to do with you." Dimples surmises that he basically bought it just in case they broke up, which obviously he thought they would. Treat says he's not going to lie, he was hoping it wouldn't work out -- but since they're moving to California tomorrow, it seems he was wrong. Dimples: "You were wrong? That's all you have to say?" Treat gets his serious face on and says no, he has a lot to say, but he doesn't think Dimples wants to hear it. "Because I think she made a mistake. I think I love her more than you ever can, or will. It's over, Jake. You won. Nina chose you again." Dimples says that's what's bothering him; if Nina keeps choosing him, why does he keep having this same conversation with Treat? Ooh, good question. I mean, wait, no! Bad question! And since it's my recap, we're just going to rewind and pretend this scene ended with Treat having the last word instead of Dimples. Okay, all better.

Aw, Brown House. Delia's all dressed for her Bat Mitzvah, looking very womanly in a purple silk dress and matching short jacket. She smoothes her dress and hair out, then yells in high teenage style, "LET'S GO, people!" Ephram and Stephergie hear the ruckus from the porch and come inside. Ephram tells her to take it easy; they've been outside waiting for her. Delia: "I don't want to hear any lip from you, Ephram. Today, I am a woman." Ephram: "Yeah, that's not gonna get old." Aw. Stephergie tells Delia she looks beau

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