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tiful, and Treat walks in trying to take a picture. Delia spoiled-brattily reminds him that they've hired people for that. Treat says he thought it would just be more personal. Delia: "I don't want personal, I want perfect." Oh, Delia. I kind of wish it weren't taboo to slap a woman. Delia says they're already three minutes late, according to the Xeroxed itineraries she's made up, so they all rush out the door. As he's closing the door, Treat notices a note on the door addressed to him. It's obviously from Nina, but he puts it aside for the moment and walks to the car with his family.

Over at the Abbott house, everyone's ready to go to the Bat Mitzvah except Rose, who is staying home with the baby. She pretends to be disappointed at this turn of events, but the way she's bustling around the kitchen fixing bottles tells us otherwise. Just before he leaves, Patch tells Rose he was going to call the authorities about Lily, first thing in the morning. Rose: "Maybe we shouldn't call just yet? I don't think we should involve anyone at this point." Off his look, she tells him not to worry (he should); she's not suggesting they keep Lily (she is) -- she hasn't gone completely insane (she has). "But if we call Child Services now, they'll just put her into the system, and we both know that's not what Cathy wanted." Patch asks what she's suggesting they do; Rose says maybe they should hire someone to try and find her themselves, because she's just thinking of what's best for Lily, and for Cathy. Uh huh. The baby cries, and Rose says she should go check on her. Patch says they'll talk more about it when he gets home, but he totally knows they're keeping that baby.

Montage! "This Is Our Life" by Mary Beth Maziarz plays as Nina leaves for the airport with Dimples and Sam. She turns back and wistfully looks at her house, then the house next door, before getting into the car. We fade to Delia reading from the Torah at her Bat Mitzvah, while Treat looks on proudly. Your recapper starts to cry. Nina, Dimples, and Sam check their flight at the airport. Delia lights candles on a Menorah; people sign a big card congratulating her; kids ride the carousel; Ephram helps her with a candle, then Treat, who hugs her and Treat-grins. He starts walking back to his seat when Delia whispers, "Dad, can you stay for a second?" Delia addresses the crowd: "My mom and I used to talk about what this day would be like, and I always thought the three of us would be up here together. But I feel like she's watching us right now, and I hope she knows she's still a part of us, every day, and she always will be. Mom, this candle's for you." Treat helps her light it, and I'm not sure how he doesn't burst into tears after that little speech.

Party time. Delia's doing that chair dance thing that Jewish people do (hi, I'm Bright), and everyone's all drinking wine and champagne and celebrating. Amy's at the table with Stephergie and Ephram, and she tells Ephram to look at Treat, how proud he looks. Stephergie turns to Amy and enthuses, "I know! Doesn't he?" Shut up, Stephergie, you don't know him. (Ah, there it is. Hello, my old friend hate.) Stephergie asks Ephram to dance, and they kiss right there in front of Amy before they go. Bright downs his wine, and Hannah gives Amy a look. Amy: "Okay, so they're dancing. That's fine. I mean, it's good. There's no reason for me to feel weird about this." Bright rolls his eyes, all, "Oh boy." Amy goes on and on about how she's okay with it, but it would be weird if she didn't feel something, right? She's not dead inside! Hannah: "I really don't know what you want me to say here." Amy says she doesn't want Hannah to say anything, unless she wants to say something, in which case she should just say it. Hee. Hannah suddenly asks Bright to dance. Bright jumps up and they book it out of there. Amy refills her wine glass to the top. Aw.

And here we are at my least favorite scene in this whole two hours. Dimples is sitting next to Nina at the airport, and he asks her what she would have said if Treat had asked her to marry him. Nina wisely says she would have said no, obviously. Dimples: "Is it that obvious?" Yeah, is it? Nina tells Dimples she loves him, and if Treat does crazy things because of his feelings for her, she can't control that. Dimples wonders why she still felt she had to see that ring. Nina lamely says she just got caught up in the moment, but she wishes she hadn't. Oh! Well, that makes it all better! She would like to forget it ever happened. Dimples says he can do that if she can be honest with him about something: "Do you still love him?" Nina's silence is answer enough for our Dimples. Nina says it's not that simple, but Dimples says it should be, and they have to talk about it before they get on that plane. Nina fesses up that a part of her is still in love with Treat, but a bigger part of her is in love with him, and they're leaving tonight for a new life together. "And once we're gone, this whole Andy thing will be behind us." Gah. Dimples tells her that he can't be with someone who has doubts, no matter how small they are -- he wants to be with someone who wants to be with him just as much. "I don't want just part of your heart. I want all of it, and you can't promise me that." He says they can ignore this thing with Treat, and maybe things will be fine for a while, but they both know it's not going to go away. And then he...breaks up with her, saying these last two years have been the best in his life, and that's because of Everwood and her. "Don't wake Sammy up until I'm on the plane, all right? I'm going to miss you, Nina." Nina says she's going to miss him too, and he gets up and walks through the gate. Nina cries in her seat, and I have to tell you, I am much more interested in the commercial that comes on next with Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon. They're both pretty hot for old people.

Bat Mitzvah. Amy Abbott is drunk on party wine. Ephram sits down next to her and says Stephergie is mingling for fun, which is starting to freak him out. Amy: "You know what's freaking me out? How good this wine is! Have you had any yet?" Heh. Ephram realizes she's had way too much kosher wine, but Amy says so has the kid at Table Eight, and he's twelve years old. Delia walks by and asks them how everything's going. Amy slams down her wine, stands up to hug Delia, and slurs, "Delia! Today...you are a WOMAN! Being a woman is a great responsibility, but don't worry because I'm gonna tell you allllll of my secrets. And all of my wisdom. [beat] What was I talking about? Oh! Be proud, girlfriend, you are a woman!" Delia's like, "Okay, this has been grrreat." She has more tables to visit, she says, and escapes Amy's drunken wisdom. Ephram hands her a glass of water, and she compliments him on his snazzy suit. He says he always feels a little weird when he wears one. Amy: "You didn't feel weird coming to Everwood with that purple hair." Aw. Amy says she loves the song that's on, and asks Ephram to dance with her. Ephram says he doesn't think so, but Amy insists, "Oh, come on. I got some new moves. You gotta see 'em." With that kind of talk, how can he resist? Of course, just as they get out on the floor, a slow song starts up. Amy rests her head on his shoulder as they dance, and they both look like they're thinking of some new moves of a different kind.

Abbott House. Patch and Bright come in just as Rose is getting Lily to sleep. Bright is all loud and excited, and tells his mom that those Jews really know how to party. "Although, technically, I think there were only about four there." Ha! Patch says Lily looks ready for sleep, and Rose happily takes her upstairs to bed. Patch tells Bright he's welcome to stay, but he'll have to sleep elsewhere since Hannah's in his old room. Bright: "It's okay. I knew you guys would eventually trade me in for her." He says he'll go home, so it won't be awkward in the morning or anything, then asks Patc

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